WANADA acknowledgements, continued

WANADA acknowledgements, continued

WANADA also greatly appreciates special event leaders, notably Robert Hisaoka, RRR Automotive, who laid out and carried through the first WAS Exotic Car and Luxury Lifestyle Event resulting in the participation of any number of exotic, high end new vehicle OEMs and dealers in the WAS. In addition, Mark Gessler of the Historic Vehicle Association, for the HVA display that included the 1940 GM Futurliner that HVA had added to the U.S. Historic Register of Vehicles; and Ron Cogan of the Green Car Journal who coordinated the Advanced Technology Superhighway and the Green Car Vision Award; and finally, Steve Boden and Billy Painter, ADEI coordinators of Education Day at the WAS.

WANADA staff and consultant organizers who are also appreciated are John OêDonnell, president & CEO; Barbara Pomerance, WAS director of communications & promotions; Bob Yoffe, WAS manager; Kristina Henry, events management and registration; Isabel Garcia, CFO; Curtis Wowk, IT coordinator; Gerard Murphy, general counsel; Allen Jones, regulatory counsel; and Doug Patton, DC government relations.

WANADA is additionally grateful to its WAS publications team consisting of Kathy Teich, Trish Frisbee, Joan Mooney, and Katy Orme; Bonnie Mor_t, manager, promotions and media room; Les Jackson, editor of the WAS Program; Warren Brown author of The New Mobility; and Joe McCary and his Photo Response Team.

Advertising for the WAS was ably handled by August, Lang, and Husak with support from Mike Mosko of Voice Media for the media buy and Angelica Boiteux for social media. Bob Storin is commended for an uptick in advertising sales. The Washington Post and Roll Call are recognized for their media partnership.

Appreciated, too, are the VIP Auto Show Tour Guides: Warren Brown, automotive writer, Washington Post and syndicated columnist; Tom Davis, Motor Week; Les Jackson, Cruise Control; and Alvin Jones, Planet Vehicle.

Additional contributors and sponsors were PBS, WHUT for mascots, Hargrove, AutoTrader.com, KBB.com, Audi for Military Day, Chrysler for plug in stations, and Celebrity Cruises for Luxury Lane. Comcast Spotlight and Manheim of Pennsylvania for WANADAês Member Reception; Cadillac for press day breakfast; and BMW, VW and Chargepoint for press day lunch. General Services Administration, National Association of Fleet Administrators and the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition for the Fleet Expo. Washington Area Acura Dealers for entrance hand stamps, and Washington Area Toyota Dealers for the Wounded Warriors Dinner.

The WAS would also like to recognize our stakeholders for their direction and leadership: AIADA, Auto Alliance, Global Automakers, NADA, MEMA and NAMAD.

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