Consumer Protection

Code of Standards

Realizing that a merchant has the responsibility to conduct his business at all times with due regard to the public interest, Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association, has set forth the following principles as a guide to its Members:

To deal honestly and fairly with all customers.

To refrain from misleading or deceptive advertising.

To provide facilities, personnel and stock of replacement parts adequate to properly service the vehicles sold by them.

To co-operate with programs to improve highway and traffic safety.

To support projects for the betterment of the community.


WANADA’s Fair Dealer Advertising Program monitors automotive advertising, principally new-car display ads in newspapers, to ensure that the presentations comply with federal, state and local advertising, truth-in-lending, and truth-in-leasing requirements. For more information, please contact the WANADA office at (202) 237-7200.

Auto Consumer Assistance

Do you have a question or problem with your vehicle purchase or the repairs that were recently done to your car?

If so, the first thing to do is get back to the dealership so they can work things through with you. Experience has shown that there are few issues that can’t be resolved when the consumer goes back to his sales representative or service writer, or, if need be, the sales or service manager.

A vehicle purchase is a big transaction with many aspects to it, including finance and insurance and warranty coverage. A repair that didn’t get handled to the consumer’s satisfaction can also raise consumer concerns, but is eminently correctable.

The automobile business is very competitive and your dealer is delighted to have your business, and so is the manufacturer in the case of a new vehicle sale. As such, dealership staff want to ensure that you’re satisfied and pleased with what you’ve purchased.

In the event you feel as a consumer that you need assistance beyond the dealer level you’re invited to call the WANADA office and speak to one of the senior association staff. John O’Donnell or Joe Koch at WANADA are available to you: (202)237-7200. Over the years, WANADA staff has been successful getting consumer matters resolved.