Membership Benefits

What WANADA Does for Its Members:

Represent franchised new automobile dealer members in the local state and national public policy process.

Speak for the automotive industry in public media.

Recruit, place and train aspiring automotive professionals through WANADA’s Automobile Dealer Education Institute (ADEI).

Provide health, life, dental and other employee benefits to dealerships and various support industry companies.

Provide an avenue for consumer dispute resolution.

Enrich communities in the D.C. metro area through regular support of charitable, philanthropic and educational organizations.

Enhance dealers’ image in the local media.

Promote car sales by operating The Washington, D.C. Auto Show, which is regarded as “The Public Policy Show” on the international auto show circuit. The Washington Auto Show boosts car sales in the region and is the largest annual indoor event in D.C.

Polk Sales Data

Gain access to in-depth vehicle registration data for all major OEMs sorted by Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas.

WANADA Dealer Members

WANADA has over 200 Member Dealers. Search our database of member contact information for more information.

The WANADA Kindred Line

WANADA Kindred line members are individual business organizations that service Washington Area New Car Dealers. WANADA members get complete access to our Directory of Kindred-Line Members.


WANADA is comprised of 270 corporate members, which consists of new automobile dealerships as well as “Kindred-line” or contractor businesses that service auto dealerships. The WANADA organization consists of a non-profit association, WANADA Business Services Corporation, Automobile Dealer Education Institute (ADEI), WANADA Community Support Foundation, WANADA Insurance Services and The Washington Auto Show.