The cars were the stars, but there were the celebrity stars, too

The cars were the stars, but there were the celebrity stars, too

Stars, besides the cars, were on hand at The Washington Auto Show to suit almost everyoneês fancy, from big name celebrities from TV to the sporting world.

One of the most popular among WAS visitors was 17-year-old Sadie Robertson from A&Eês reality show –Duck Dynasty.”

Four Hispanic celebrity newscasters were on hand, to include meteorologist Ximena Cordoba from Univision; meteorologist Valeria Barriga from Telemundo; and sports anchor Moises Linares and news anchor Sulema Salazar, also from Telemundo.

The sports stars are always a hit among Washington fans attending the Auto Show, including the sports legends. In this latter category, these Redskin superstars of yesteryear were bell ringers: Dave Butz, Mark Moseley and Charley Taylor. Here and now was Washington Capitals center Brooks Laich. And leading the always popular WWE lineup was superstar Randy Orton.

New this year was Miss Teen DC Angel Murray, who greeted many fans on the second Saturday of the show. Angel is a member of her high school track team and a performer with Visions Performing Arts Company and Choices Unlimited, where she practices drama, dancing and modeling.

The showês area for kids this year expanded into a Family Fun Zone. Angry Birds had a following of young fans, along with the ever popular Sponge Bob. Tracy the Baby Triceratops, designed with lightweight materials by Pier21 Ltd of Saitama, Japan, made his U.S. debut at the 2015 WAS, and kids of all ages marveled over and enjoyed him. Courtesy of WHUT, PBS Kids characters greeted throngs of young WAS visitors.

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