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Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham
to headline WANADA's Annual Lunch
Members & business associates invited
WANADA’s Annual Meeting and Luncheon: The networking and camaraderie are unparalleled, the business meeting useful, the setting well-appointed and convenient. But one of the best parts is always hearing a speaker with top-notch credentials reflect on the current political or industry scene set for Dec., 8 Ritz/Tysons Corner. This year is no exception, with popular political commentator and longtime radio talk show host Laura Ingraham as the luncheon’s headline speaker. The Laura Ingraham Show is ranked in radio’s Top 5 and heard in hundreds of markets across the country. [FULL BULLETIN]

Political commentator Laura Ingraham
to keynote WANADA's Annual Lunch
Tues., Dec. 8, Ritz/Tysons Corner
WANADA’s Annual Meeting and Luncheon is always a high water mark in the Washington area dealer community calendar where dealer principals and executives intermingle with key operatives from other levels of the industry and the greater Washington business region along with political leaders from Congress, Annapolis and Richmond and all points in between. The reason for the event’s popularity is the second-to-none networking and fellowship the Annual Lunch engenders for sure, but also for the automobile market report, dealer community round up, along with a timely and provocative keynote speaker. [FULL BULLETIN]

Popular political commentator, Laura Ingraham,
to keynote WANADA Annual Lunch
Tues., Dec. 8, Ritz/Tysons Corner
In keeping with WANADA Annual Meetings and Luncheons of recent years, the upcoming Washington Area New Auto Dealers Association membership event will be keynoted by a well-known, highly-regarded news commentator with inside-the-Beltway expertise. Laura Ingraham, WANADA’s 2015 Annual Member Meeting and Luncheon speaker, will cover the complete range of presidential election year issues that are being brought to the forefront with increasing frequency and intensity by the well-publicized full field of candidates. This year’s Luncheon will again be at the Ritz/Tysons Corner, set for Tuesday, December 8, 2015. [FULL BULLETIN]

WANADA dealers join other industries in celebrating
career training at annual FATE Partners Dinner
delivers successful tournament
WANADA was pleased to attend a recent celebration of FATE, the Fairfax Applied Technical Education program at Fairfax County high schools. FATE trains students in several different trades, including auto repair. WANADA's ADEI (Automobile Dealer Education Institute) runs the auto tech training program through Fairfax County schools, and WANADA-ADEI is a sponsoring business partner of FATE. [FULL BULLETIN]

Senators press dealers on recalls; study highlights dealer role
Recalls have been in the news a great deal the last couple of years, and with the Volkswagen scandal, they are about to hit the headlines again. Two Senators are weighing in as an industry study shows the critical role of dealers in getting consumers with recalled cars to the dealership.
In letters to NADA and NIADA, Senators Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) pressed for dealers to fix all recalled vehicles before they are sold. New cars under recall already must be repaired before sale, and a Senate transportation bill would require the same with rental cars. The Senators wrote, "we remain very concerned that used car purchasers will be the only category of vehicle consumers unprotected against potentially dangerous recalled vehicles." [FULL BULLETIN]

NLRB joint employer decision marks trend to extend liability
A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is noteworthy for dealers both in their relationship with their franchisor and as the hiring entity for contractors such as F&I service companies.
The NLRB ruled that a California-based recycling facility is a "joint employer" for collective bargaining negotiations with employees of a temporary staffing company. The term now applies if the company has the right of "actual control, whether direct or indirect." This latest decision, coupled with an NLRB memo on McDonald's franchisees in July, "points to a trend in the NLRB to extend liability under the National Labor Relations Act to companies not previously considered to be employers," said Michael Charapp, auto dealer lawyer with Charapp & Weiss and a WANADA Kindred-line member. [FULL BULLETIN]

Dealer leaders from across the U.S. convene in
Washington to carry industry agenda to Congress
New auto dealer leaders from every corner of the U.S. were in DC this week to attend NADA's Annual Washington Conference where they were brought up to speed on the national dealer legislative agenda, which they in turn took to their members in Congress. Regulatory overreach by federal agencies aimed at dealers was a recurring topic this year as members of Congress, a commissioner from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Washington political pundits, the like of Charlie Cook, addressed the conferees. The conference itself was comprised of dealer association representatives from the national boards of NADA, NAMAD and AIADA, along with dealer group leaders from state and metropolitan associations affiliated with the Automotive Trade Association network (ATAE). [FULL BULLETIN]

New Maryland spot delivery law goes into effect, Oct. 1
Dealers finally get a workable approach
to vehicle sales on credit
As all are aware, the new law in Maryland establishing a tangible, workable approach for dealers delivering vehicles sold to consumers before the financing is finalized went onto the books after the General Assembly passed it last spring and becomes effective this week, October 1, 2015.
Maryland dealers, led by MADA with WANADA's support, came together earlier this year withthe Motor Vehicle Administration to fashion a bill acceptable to legislative leaders that recognized, at long last, the widespread, time honored auto business reality of "spot deliveries" and the pressing need for a proper law to take the legal uncertainty out of the practice which gets sellers and buyers of vehicles on credit the consumer financing required from lending institutions. [FULL BULLETIN]

MD MVA Dealer Advisory panel gains solid footing
with new MVA administrator
Franchised and independent auto dealers assembled last week with the new Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s administrator, Christine Nizer, and her senior staff for the second meeting of the recently formed Dealer Advisory Forum to MVA. The Dealer Advisory Forum’s purpose is to bring regulators who enforce vehicle sales laws into regular contact with the state’s auto dealers who make the automobile business happen for the benefit of Maryland vehicle consumers everywhere. [FULL BULLETIN]

Registration, housing now open for Auto Show
Industry/Media Days in 2016
Registration and housing are now open for industry, government, and media representatives for Industry/Media Days at the 2016 Washington Auto Show. With the theme “The Power of Mobility,” Auto Show Chairman Geoff Pohanka, the Auto Show Committee and the rest of WANADA’s team have been hard at work on assembling Washington’s annual new vehicle exposition for 2016. Once the 2015 Washington Auto Show closed, work started on 2016, which will be open to the public for ten days, Friday, Jan. 22, to Sunday, Jan. 31. [FULL BULLETIN]

Many consumers don't use their cars'
technology, says J.D. Power
Automakers are spending billions of dollars to put technologies in their vehicles that are not being used by the owners, according to the J.D. Power 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (DrIVE) Report. The report measures driver experiences with in-vehicle technology features in the first 90 days of ownership.
Owners who say their dealer did not explain a feature are more likely never to use the technology. If features are not activated when the vehicle is delivered, the owner likely will never know he/she has the technology. [FULL BULLETIN]

U.S. dealers set for record sales per store; Md., Va. gain stores
The average number of new vehicle sales per dealership is set to achieve an all-time high this year of 945 units, based on projected vehicle sales of 17.1 million, says Urban Science. That would mark the fourth straight year the U.S. auto retail network set a new throughput record. Urban Science's latest Franchise Activity Report shows a 0.3 percent increase in the number of U.S. dealerships from the end of 2014, with a total of 18,011 as of July 1. The number of franchises also rose by 0.3 percent, to 31,714. Most local markets haven't seen any change in the number of dealerships, but Maryland and Virginia each gained five stores. Texas, California and Florida gained seven to ten stores each. [FULL BULLETIN]

Metro Washington New Vehicle Sales track U.S. at mid-year,
with industry poised for best annual performance since 2000
New vehicle sales in the metropolitan Washington market, January through June 2015, pretty much mirrored mid-year results from a year earlier, being 1.5% improved. But that's good news, with the industry regionally and nationwide set to deliver the best calendar year performance since 2000, the year that new vehicle sales reached the U.S. market record of 17.4 million.
The WANADA Area Report, June YTD from R.L. Polk (see below) documents that the metropolitan region is in scoring position to eclipse 300,000 new vehicle sales in 2015 for the second consecutive year. [FULL BULLETIN]

U.S. July auto sales best in ten years: 17.55 m. SAAR
Auto sales continued their relentless upward trajectory in July, thanks to readily available credit (and long loans), falling gas prices and seemingly unending pent-up demand. Light trucks continued to rule, constituting 56 percent of sales, up from 52 percent a year ago. (In the Washington area, car sales generally top trucks.) Last month saw the best July sales in a decade, with overall sales up 5.3 percent.
"The second half of 2015 is off to a great start, with industry sales above expectations," said Kurt McNeil, General Motors U.S. vice president of sales operations. [FULL BULLETIN]

Maryland Dealers & MVA launch long awaited industry panel
Panel roll-out wastes no time getting down to business
The debut late last month of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration's Auto Dealer Advisory Panel was no small matter. Indeed, it represented the fruition of visioning and discussions between dealers and dealers, dealers and lawmakers, and dealers and MVA regulators, that was years in the making. Then, two weeks ago, with the pro-business direction of Gov. Larry Hogan (R), the approach by MVA and dealer industry representatives to the advisory panel seemed to be "Let's do it and then talk about it!" And the beauty of it all is in the simplicity: An industry advisory panel of six – consisting of four franchised dealers, one used car dealer and one motorcycle dealer – which will meet with the MVA administrator four times per year to discuss MVA/dealer matters in need of review, analysis, clarification and/or reassessment. [FULL BULLETIN]

H.R. 1737 clears House committee as Congress moves
to curb regulator overreach into auto financing
Yesterday, July 30, 2015, legislation that is critically important to America's auto dealers and their consumer lending partners successfully passed out of the House Financial Services Committee that would rein in overly aggressive federal regulators who have been on a mission to curtail auto dealer credit arranging in financed vehicle sales. Impressively, the bipartisan vote on H.R. 1737 was 47 to 10, which bodes well for the prospect of the "Reforming CFPB Indirect Auto Financing Guidance Act" passing successfully out of the full House, where it now goes, before heading to the U.S. Senate. [FULL BULLETIN]

2016 Auto Show prep in Washington underway
Auto shows everywhere show their value
As you're sweltering in the Washington summer, WANADA is hard at work preparing for the 2016 Washington Auto Show next winter. The theme is "The Power of Mobility," and the dates are set: January 20 is Policy Preview Day on Capitol Hill, and January 21 is Policy Preview Day at the W.E. Washington Convention Center, with a daylong schedule of events for government, industry and media capped off by the annual Sneak Peek Reception on the Auto Show floor. The consumer days for the Auto Show are January 22 to January 31. Start wishing now for some of summer's warmth to seep into January - or at least for a snow-free show. [FULL BULLETIN]

Industry veteran chairing Washington Auto Show
Geoff Pohanka steps in as WAS chairman for 2016
As producer of the Washington Auto Show, WANADA is especially pleased to announce that long time dealer association leader, Geoff Pohanka, Pohanka Automotive, is chairing the 2016 event as well as WANADA's Auto Show Committee. As chairman of WANADA in 1998, Pohanka put Washington on course to becoming a world premier auto show when he, along with former WAS chair, Daniel Jobe, got WANADA leaders systematically interacting with OEM exhibitors at their headquarter locations and at the tier one industry auto shows in the U.S. and Europe. [FULL BULLETIN]

Higher minimum wage now in effect in Md., DC; Va. unchanged
July 1, last week, brought a host of new laws to Maryland, Virginia and DC. Here's rundown and reiteration of some important ones that affect dealers, including minimum wage.

In Maryland:
  • The new minimum wage is $8.25, up from $8.00. The rate will increase to $8.75 in July 2016, to $9.25 in July, 2017 and $10.10 in July 2018. Although former Gov. Martin O'Malley had pushed for increases beyond 2018, none were enacted. Exempt from minimum wage: employees younger than 16 who work less than 20 hours a week; those 62 or older who work less than 25 hours a week; salaried employees; and salespeople.
  • Tolls have been lowered on Maryland roads and bridges. For example: The $6.00 fee to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge has dropped to $4.00. The Intercounty Connector toll schedule has also decreased. [FULL BULLETIN]

  • Supreme Court decision leaves Healthcare Reform Law intact
    As reported here, and widely elsewhere last week, the 6-3 Supreme Court ruling in King v. Burwell on The Affordable Care Act (ACA), allowing federal subsidies for healthcare insurance in all states, means that nothing will change in the way the law is implemented. Maryland and DC have state/jurisdictional health care exchanges, and their insurance was not in question. But a decision the other way would have had a big impact in Virginia, and 34 other states that used federal exchanges in lieu of establishing state constructed and operated healthcare exchanges, [FULL BULLETIN]

    Important changes in Virginia for dealers effective July 1
    1.) The graduated .05% year over year vehicle title tax increase that commenced in 2014 is increasing again, July 1, from 4.05% to 4.10%. Dealership data processing contractors likely on top of this from last year when the year over year increase went into effect. Dealers should take care, however, that vehicle sales and finance and insurance staff are tuned into the increase which will affect all vehicle sales starting, July 1 and thereafter. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Cash reporting for dealer transactions
    besides retail vehicles sales
    The indictment of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has brought the subject of illegal cash transactions back to the public eye. It's a good time, then, for dealers revisit with staff, everyone's obligation to report cash transactions over $10,000. Historically, dealers looked only at cash reporting on retail vehicle sales. But what about in other departments? [FULL BULLETIN]

    Rain holds off and WANADA Open
    delivers successful tournament
    Golfers get off and play through at Lansdowne Resort
    The forecasted rain held off on the day of the 2015 WANADA Open, Wednesday, June 3 and the event proceeded as planned and everyone was pleased. The overcast clouds sufficiently cooled temperatures for optimal golf and no one needed sun screen. Preceding the tournament many took advantage of the driving range and were able to enjoy lunch on the clubhouse patio. Others got in a few morning holes of golf (or a few rounds of tennis). The chance to catch up with colleagues at the reception, banquet and awards presentation also enhanced the experience. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Are Express lane lube techs exempt from overtime laws?
    The short answer is no, says NADA chief regulatory counsel Doug Greenhaus. That's because the law requires that technicians who are exempt from overtime must be primarily engaged as technicians. To be conservative, he says, lube techs who spend most of their time doing work such as lubrication and tire rotation should not be considered exempt from overtime. But, Greenhaus says, many dealerships compensate lube techs, detailers and painters in a way that triggers the "commission employee" exemption. That requires that commission pay make up the majority of compensation and that total compensation be at least 1.5 times the applicable minimum wage/hour rate. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Thank you to all our supporting sponsors
    at the 2015 WANADA Open
    ABC7/NewsChannel 8
    Automotive Development Group/EasyCare
    B&R Associates
    Baker Tilly Accountants & Advisors
    BB&T Dealer Finance Division
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    BGR CPA’s
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    Yoffe Exposition Services

    Massive airbag recall: What to do?
    Dealers are no doubt fielding questions from customers about the latest, and probably largest ever, airbag recall. As reported in the May 22, 2015 Bulletin, NADA advises dealers to reassure customers that if their vehicle has been recalled, they will receive a notice in the mail from the manufacturer. In the meantime, consumers can go here and look up their VIN to see if their car is on any NHTSA recall lists. This information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is based on data from the OEMs. At this writing, however, the NHTSA site is not up to date with the vehicles and their airbags affected by the latest Takata recall. So dealers should encourage customers to check the site periodically for updates. [FULL BULLETIN]

    NHTSA ramp up on Takata airbag defect
    prompts largest recall in U.S. history-
    But ground rules for dealers on recalls remain unchanged
    The recall of airbags supplied in a variety of vehicles for years by the Japanese parts manufacturer Takata was broadened this week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which expanded the mandated vehicle airbag recall from the 17 million recalled to date to an estimated 34 million. Far beyond the largest automotive recall in history that befell Ford in 1983 involving 23 million vehicles, the newly announced Takata airbag recall will also trump Tylenol as the largest recall of any product in the U.S. which called back 31 million bottles of anti-inflammatory pills in 1982. The defect involves the airbag deflator that can degrade over time, in part, due to exposure in the car to heat and humidity. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Does your dealership have a social media policy? It should
    Every dealer should have a policy about employee communications in digital and social media. If one is in place, when was the last time it was reviewed? Here are two important reasons to have a policy and review it regularly:
    • Digital communications change constantly. There are often changes to existing programs and introductions of new programs, new apps and new challenges.
    • Regulatory oversight of your practices is increasing and changing. For example, the National Labor Relations Board has issued several decisions about employer policies prohibiting limitations that the NLRB views as interfering with open communication by employees about working conditions. Another example: Communications during non-work hours could lead to overtime claims by some employees. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Reports on the 2015 legislative sessions in MD & VA

    2015 Maryland Legislative Update: (click to view)
  • MD Handout
  • MD Webinar

  • 2015 Maryland Legislative Update: (click to view)
  • VA Handout
  • VA Webinar
  • For more information, click here.

    After six weeks, DC Title Tax Calculator seems to be working
    The DC DMV's new Vehicle Title Tax Calculator has been up and operating now for six weeks and appears to be up to the task for dealers. The Calculator was launched April 1 after DC DMV regulators sorted through operational questions and issues with dealer tag and title processors facilitated by WANADA. The Calculator is based on the NADA Used Car Guide for the Eastern U.S. and must be used for all vehicle sales, new and used. Only when a vehicle value is not available in the Title Tax Calculator - such as when the calculator system is down - may the dealer compute the tax based on the actual sale pricing of the vehicle. [FULL BULLETIN]

    WANADA/ADEI Tech Training front and center
    at Rotary Day in Farragut Square, DC
    Technician Training through WANADA's Auto Dealer Education Institute was center stage, literally and figuratively, at the Rotary International Day of "Service above Self" that was staged in Washington's historic downtown DC park, Farragut Square. As one of a number of prominent community projects, supported by the four Rotary Clubs in the District of Columbia, ADEI Technician Training was afforded prime exhibitor space for its sponsorship of Rotary Day in the park. The sponsorship was a role reversal for WANADA since Rotary clubs across the Washington Area are longtime grant supporters of ADEI.
    Rotary Day took over the prestigious K Street, NW side of Farragut Square from 10am until 3pm, last Saturday, April 25, gaining exhibitors the opportunity to visit with scores of official and unofficial weekend visitors out and about in the park. [FULL BULLETIN]

    2015 MD legislature clarifies spot delivery
    and Tesla sales and reworks "Rain Tax"
    The Maryland General Assembly helpfully addressed the automobile business practice of "spot deliveries" as the 2015 session was winding down earlier this month by passing important legislation that once and for all recognizes the time honored practice of dealer credit arrangers selling vehicles to consumers before the financing is finalized. Spot deliveries that have long been standard operating procedure in dealerships have correspondingly been mischaracterized by consumer groups and plaintiff lawyers who sue dealers as "yo-yo" sales. These industry critics have long contended that dealer credit arrangers regularly, and by design, "bait" vehicle buyers into loans with unrealistically low rate offers, that these same dealers change up into higher rates when the financing is ultimately concluded after the vehicle is delivered. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Geoff Pohanka elected to NADA Board for Metro Washington
    NADA has made it official: Geoff Pohanka, Pohanka Automotive, has been elected by dealers from NADA's Metropolitan Washington director district to represent them on the NADA Board, effective immediately. The term, 3 years, will run until March, 2018 when the NADA Convention is scheduled to commence. Mr. Pohanka replaces Tamara Darvish in this office who represented Metropolitan Washington for six years on the NADA Board. Mr. Pohanka actually preceded Ms. Darvish at NADA having served two (2) three year terms from 2002 through 2008. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Jack Fitzgerald Says It’s the Right Thing to Do
    to Reduce our Carbon Footprint
    ROCKVILLE, MD (APRIL 7, 2015) Subaru awarded the Eco-Friendly Dealer Award to both Fitzgerald Subaru dealerships in Rockville and Gaithersburg this week. The Subaru Eco-Friendly award recognizes environmental stewardship and the reduction of a dealer's carbon footprint on the environment and helping the Earth in the five key areas: energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, waste management and community involvement. [PRESS RELEASE]

    FTC, states announce crackdown on fraud in auto sales, finance
    The Federal Trade Commission and 32 states announced a nationwide crackdown on deception and fraud in auto sales, financing and leasing. There were 187 enforcement actions since the agency's last sweep, including one in Maryland and 41 in Virginia. Many of the Virginia enforcement actions were against independent dealers, several of them for failure to advertise as a dealer on Craigslist. [FULL BULLETIN]

    WANADA and DC DMV work through dealers questions with
    the new Title Tax Calculator rolling out next week, April 1
    With DC DMV launching its new Vehicle Title Tax Calculator next Wednesday, April 1, 2015, agency administrators working with dealer title processors through WANADA have sorted out the questions that arose when the project was first announced earlier in the year. Reiterating and broadening the clarification dealers processing DC title work need in order to comply with DMV's new approach, here is how it will work. [FULL BULLETIN]

    WANADA working with DC DMV to ensure smooth
    roll out of their new title tax calculator, Apr. 1
    As has been publicized by DC DMV and in issues of the WANADA Bulletin over the past month, the city's motor vehicle agency is moving forward to bring itself into compliance with regulations that specify vehicle title tax calculations based upon the NADA Used Car Guide for the Eastern U.S. The announced departure from DMV's approach in recent years to accept dealer calculations of DC title tax based upon actual vehicle sale prices has caused a stir among Washington area dealerships which sell most of the vehicles purchased by DC residents, who in turn must register them through DC DMV. [FULL BULLETIN]

    MVA Bulletin
    Excise Tax Credit Request for Plug-In Electric Vehicles
    Effective March 27, 2015, the excise tax credit for Plug-in Electric Vehicles will be discontinued. The funds for this program will have been depleted for this fiscal year and will no longer be available. [FULL BULLETIN]

    Maryland House panel rejects Hogan's rain tax repeal bill
    The Maryland House Environment and Transportation Committee last week voted down Governor Larry Hogan's proposal to repeal the stormwater remediation fee, a.k.a. "The rain tax." The bill that established the fee, signed into law in 2012, requires 10 of the state's largest jurisdictions to tax its citizens to clean up stormwater runoff from paved surfaces before it flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The bill was passed to meet a federal mandate. The amount of the fee is related to the size of the landowner's property, meaning some businesses would owe significant dollars in taxes. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Area auto sales: Up 5% in 2014; 15% in fourth quarter
    Like the overall U.S. market, Washington area new auto sales continue upward, rising 5 percent in 2014, from already respectable sales in 2013, to include a 15% spike for the fourth quarter. U.S. sales, which fell farther during the recession and had farther to reset than metro Washington, were up 10.7 percent for the year and 7.2 percent in the fourth quarter. Washington area figures are from WANADA's Area Report based on R.L. Polk new-vehicle registration data. U.S. sales figures are from NADA and Ward's Automotive. [FULL ARTICLE]

    DC DMV delays used car tax calculator until April 1
    With bugs in the launching of its online used car tax calculator that DC DMV planned to implement on March 1, 2015, city motor vehicle regulators backed the effective date off until April 1.
    As reported in the WANADA Bulletin and elsewhere, the used car value calculator for DC title tax on vehicles retailed by dealers to DC residents is based upon the NADA Used Car Guide, Eastern U.S. edition. City motor vehicle regulators say they will enforce their calculator values irrespective of the actual retail sales price of the used vehicle. [FULL ARTICLE]

    DC DMV's used car value calculator for title tax, eff. Mar. 1
    Regulators from DC DMV announced at The Washington Auto Show regional motor vehicle law seminar for WANADA members recently that they were moving forward with an automated approach to determining title tax on used vehicles retailed by dealers to DC residents. As explained, and now up on its website, DC DMV has devised a calculator utilizing used car values from the NADA Used Car Guide, Eastern U.S. edition, that will become the agency's reference for determining if the used car sale by a dealer has had the DC title tax computed correctly. [FULL ARTICLE]

    2015 Washington Auto Show turnout breaks
    all-time record
    set in 2013, eclipsing 2014 by 8%
    Until now, the best attended Auto Show in Washington's history was 2013, the year after President Obama came down the street from the White House to the W.E. Washington Convention Center to tour the show. But the 2015 WAS that just ended was 3.5% higher than the all-time best turnout of 2013. And 8% higher than last year. "Our Auto Show organizers can all take a bow on an automotive event the like of which has never occurred in Washington," said Kevin Reilly, chairman of the 2015 Washington Auto Show. [FULL ARTICLE]

    NADA Convention upbeat as dealers
    hear Jeb Bush, Jay Leno
    Auto sales looked good a year ago as dealers gathered at the annual NADA Convention, but by the time they met last week in San Francisco for the 2015 Convention, it was even more clear that auto sales, and the auto industry overall, are leading the economy. Dealers' upbeat mood was reflected at the convention, where attendance of 23,000 plus was the highest in many years. The exhibit floor was sold out, with 570 companies exhibiting. Workshop attendance also set a new record. Leading the general sessions, two keynoters proved to be dealer favorites: Prospective presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush and comedian Jay Leno (no report on Mr. Leno because no press were allowed in that session). [FULL ARTICLE]

    Snow burst covers Made Across America
    launch of the 2015 WAS
    A scene out of a Currier & Ives sketch from 19th Century Washington, snow squalled on the Made Across America event on January 21 that kicked off the Washington Auto Show's Public Policy Days. But that didn't stop industry representatives or media reporting the event at the foot of the U.S. Capitol. The display featured a range of new vehicles parked directly in front of the Capitol, driven there by teams of industry staff, journalists, and auto aficionados from their corporate headquarters. Kia, for example, was driven from the company's plant in Georgia. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Speakers set for Public Policy Days at Auto Show;
    Show opens to public Friday, big crowds expected
    The Washington Auto Show is ready to open against a backdrop of another spectacular year just past for the auto industry, an improving economy and the lowest gas prices in years. In a year when economists are forecasting record auto sales of 17 million for the first time since 2001, area residents are expected to flock to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center for the region's premier automotive event, known on the auto show circuit as the Public Policy Show. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Energy Secretary Moniz to deliver U.S. keynote
    at Auto Show
    U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will deliver the keynote address at the Washington Auto Show next week, January 22, during Industry/Media Day. Moniz drew a big crowd last year when he announced a new program at the Washington Auto Show offering $50 million in federal funding for fuel-efficient vehicles. [FULL ARTICLE]

    VIP tours with auto experts to be
    offered again at Auto Show
    Back by popular demand The Washington Auto Show will again offer VIP tours of the various new car exhibits at the upcoming 2015 exposition. The Auto Show happens Jan. 23 - Feb. 1 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Two auto experts and longtime industry observers will be the tour guides: John Davis, the Emmy-Award winning producer and creator of the PBS show MotorWeek, and Les Jackson, auto journalist and new vehicle evaluator who reviews 100s of new vehicles a year. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Public Policy Days shaping up for industry reps
    and media at 2015 Washington Auto Show
    Industry leaders and the media will find a range of unprecedented activities during Public Policy Days at the 2015 Washington Auto Show - and, with any luck, better weather than last year. Made Across America: The schedule kicks off at 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 21, with a "Made Across America" press event. Based on the theme "How America Works," this program will celebrate the jobs and resources created by the auto industry in the U.S. and the communities that benefit. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson
    to appear at the Auto Show
    After winning the hearts of countless admirers in the latest season of Dancing with the Stars, 17-year-old charmer Sadie Robertson is headed to meet her fans at the Washington Auto Show. The star of A&E's cult hit Duck Dynasty will appear on Friday, January 23, at the show, where she will spread her message to "live original". A motivational speaker, Robertson spends her summers on church mission trips and working at a Christian youth camp where she urges kids to "live original" by learning to express themselves with confidence. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Cadillac president de Nysschen to keynote Auto Show
    One of today's most admired automotive leaders, Johan de Nysschen, will present the industry keynote address at the 2015 Washington Auto Show, Thursday, January 22. The address will kick off Public Policy Preview Day at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. As president of the leading American luxury brand of Cadillac, with a history of leadership with several of the world's top luxury automakers, de Nysschen exemplifies a key thrust of the 2015 Auto Show: The resurgence of the auto industry. [FULL ARTICLE]

    George Will cites CFPB as government overreach while
    extolling the value of American individualism
    Political analyst and unabashed baseball fan, George Will, entertained and enlightened WANADA members at the dealer organization's 2014 Annual Meeting and Luncheon at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner last Tuesday, December 2. He spoke of the endangered spirit of American individualism and its entrepreneurial philosophy, jeopardized by a creeping statism, or big government, which by design will increase dependency on government. [FULL ARTICLE]

    WANADA Area Report:
    Washington area sales up 9 percent in 3rd quarter
    Washington area sales rose more than 9 percent in the third quarter, but just 2 percent year to date, according to WANADA's Area Report based on R.L. Polk new-vehicle registration data. U.S. sales rose more slowly than Washington area sales in the third quarter, at 7.8 percent, but at a more rapid pace than local sales year to date, at 5.4 percent. United State figures are from NADA/Ward's. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Schedule set for 2015 Washington Auto Show;
    hotel rooms open
    The latest in new vehicle technology, design, innovation and alternative fuel solutions from more than 40 automakers worldwide will be on display at the 2015 Washington Auto Show. Public Policy Days unite auto industry leaders with public policy makers to drive a smarter, greener, clear and safer automotive future. [FULL ARTICLE]

    WANADA Annual Lunch with George Will coming up, Dec. 2nd
    Will to analyze American politics, post mid-terms
    Renowned syndicated columnist and political commentator George Will is poised to speak on the new politics in America when he speaks at the WANADA Annual Meeting on December 2. The lame duck session of Congress will have 10 days to go, and judging by past experience Congress will still have plenty on its plate. Will received an enthusiastic reception when he spoke at the WANADA Annual Meeting several years ago, and dealers will be interested to hear his views on how the new Congress will affect the politics of Washington. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Expanded Green Car Awards at 2015 Washington Auto Show
    The 2015 Washington Auto Show will host an expanded Green Car Awards program that will include the Luxury Green Car of the Year, the Green Car Technology Award and the Green SUV of the Year. Winners will be announced at the show's Public Policy Day at the Washington Convention Center January 22. "As the central address where the auto industry meets public policy, the Washington Auto Show recognizes the critical role of sustainability in this sector and our role in promoting progress," said Kevin Reilly, Auto Show chairman. "We are delighted to expand our longstanding relationship with the Green Car Journal in putting these issues front and center." [FULL ARTICLE]

    Charlie Stringfellow: WANADA's choice for 2015 Time Dealer
    WANADA is proud and pleased to announce to the membership that Charles S. Stringfellow, Jr, chairman of Brown Automotive, will represent the Metropolitan Washington region for the Time Magazine Dealer of the Year to be bestowed January 23, 2015 at the NADA Convention in San Francisco. The Time Dealer of the Year Award is a high honor in the automotive retailing industry and the dealers who are so recognized are among the most successful. WANADA's CEO John O'Donnell nominated Mr. Stringfellow for the TDoY award. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Ben Bradlee's reach was wide and inclusive and hands-on with WANADA dealers
    The storied executive editor at The Washington Post, the late Ben Bradlee, was remembered warmly at his funeral this week at the National Cathedral in an event rivaling those of former presidents in terms of pomp and circumstance and turnout. He died a week ago on Oct. 21 at the age of 93. Typical of Mr. Bradlee, he reportedly choreographed his own funeral arrangements, which reflected a full church turnout of notables and the ordinary. He made history early into his 23 year stint as executive editor at The Post when he won the bet supporting his reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as they broke the story in the Post in 1971 on the Watergate break-in to Democrat campaign headquarters which ultimately brought down the Nixon Administration. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Md. MVA now has electronic safety inspection certificates
    The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has started using electronic safety inspection certificates. The new process is a result of House Bill 246 passed in the 2014 legislative session. This legislation removes the requirement for a written inspection but still requires dealers to have vehicles inspected, before sale. There are currently two formats available to present the Maryland Safety Inspection Certificate: a paper certificate (no changes) and a paper electronic certificate. For the paper electronic certificate, the control number begins with "E" and the signature is machine printed. It is accepted using the same process as a paper certificate. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Dealer associations convene on public policy,
    gov't relations and the franchise system
    New auto dealer associations making up the Automotive Trade Associations network (ATAE) came together last week in Chicago to focus on state and national level public policy initiatives for their automotive retailer members in the context of external industry relations with the government; internal industry relations between OEMs and dealers; the integrity of the franchise system; and plaintiffs' lawyer- inspired consumer protection initiatives. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Two auto shows, two national capitals:
    WANADA reps present Washington to OEMs in Paris
    A delegation of WANADA dealers attended press days for the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, which opened to the public there this week, for the purpose of meeting with OEM executives, industry leaders and industry observers to present plans for the 2015 Washington Auto Show. As one of the grandest events of its kind in the world, the Paris Motor Show is an important venue to visit because of the scores of industry pacesetters and OEM auto show organizers who turn out. [FULL ARTICLE]

    George Will to speak at WANADA's Annual Luncheon
    Dec. 2, Ritz Tysons Corner
    Members may buy tickets now for WANADA's Annual Meeting and Luncheon December 2, which this year will feature distinguished columnist and commentator George F. Will. The event will take place at the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, Va. Will is not only known for his authoritative and lively commentary on national news shows, but is also America's most widely read columnist. His column has been syndicated by the Washington Post since 1974 and appears twice weekly in 500 newspapers in the United States and Europe. He received an enthusiastic reception when he spoke at WANADA's Annual Luncheon ten years ago and will surely have plenty to say about the gridlock in Congress and the difficulties on the international stage. [FULL ARTICLE]

    CFPB looks to expand regulatory reach
    to finance captives on auto loans
    NADA offers its fair lending program as an alternative
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed rulemaking last week that would extend its supervisory authority to overseeing auto lending practices by finance captives because the agency continues to believe that minorities are being discriminated against. Challenging CFPB on the discrimination charges, NADA proposed that the agency instead accept the association's Fair Credit Compliance Policy as an alternative to rule making that NADA believes is unnecessary. The policy, issued by NADA earlier this year, was based on a 2007 model developed by the Department of Justice to resolve a discrimination case. NADA's proposal was made jointly with the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD) and the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA). [FULL ARTICLE]

    Renowned commentator George Will to keynote
    WANADA Annual Luncheon
    Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014, Ritz Tysons
    WANADA is delighted to announce that esteemed political commentator and syndicated columnist George F. Will is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at WANADA's Annual Meeting and Luncheon which is set for Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at the Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner, Va. Well known for his authoritative and lively commentary on any number of national news shows, along with his many contributions as a syndicated writer with 400 news organizations, Will's perspective couldn't be more timely than it will be when he shares it at WANADA's Annual Lunch given Washington's dysfunctional politics and America's place in an ever more menacing and turbulent world. [FULL ARTICLE]

    August sales beat expectations, break records: 17.5 m. SAAR
    Despite analysts' expectations that August sales would drop slightly and automakers forecasting an overall 3 percent rise, sales for the month were up 5.5 percent from a year ago. The seasonally adjusted annual sales rate was an impressive 17.5 million. Many factors contributed to the strongest sales in eight years: increasing consumer confidence, the prevalence of 0 percent financing with long loan terms, continuing pent-up demand, attractive lease deals. It helped that Labor Day weekend fell in August giving the month five weekends. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Millennials moving from small cars to crossovers
    In one way, at least, millennials are just like their parents: As they get older and earn a little more income, they are moving from small cars to crossovers. The change, recorded in a new study by Maritz Research, comes as many millennials are entering their early 30s, starting families and moving to the suburbs. Half of the young people in the survey said they plan to buy a vehicle in the next four years, and 80 percent of them want a new one. As one might expect, being connected in their cars is very important for this group. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Washington area sales up 3% for second quarter
    Continuing their upward curve since the Great Recession, Washington area sales rose 3 percent in the second quarter. Figures are from WANADA's Area Report, based on R.L. Polk new-vehicle registration data. Nationwide, where sales had fallen much farther during the recession, second quarter sales were up 7 percent in the second quarter. (U.S. figures are taken from NADA/Ward's Automotive.) The second quarter increase here and nationwide also represents a reprieve from the sluggish sales of the first quarter of the year that were hampered by harsh winter weather. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Last call to sign up for ADEI Tech Training term
    Classes start next week for line tech
    refresher courses & tech development
    WANADA is proud to count 12 of its distinguished dealer members as part of the most prestigious wing of NADA's Dealers Election Action Committee, the President's Club. Dealers are so recognized for their continuously strong and longstanding support of the organization that gets behind congressional incumbents or prospective candidates for office in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, who are open to the auto dealer, federal level political perspective. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Dealers Election Action Committee enjoys strong support,
    here and nationwide
    12 WANADA dealers are in President's Club
    WANADA is proud to count 12 of its distinguished dealer members as part of the most prestigious wing of NADA's Dealers Election Action Committee, the President's Club. Dealers are so recognized for their continuously strong and longstanding support of the organization that gets behind congressional incumbents or prospective candidates for office in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, who are open to the auto dealer, federal level political perspective. [FULL ARTICLE]

    OEMs commit to Washington's 2015 Auto Show
    as they have for 3 decades: By space draw
    "It's fair and it works for our OEM exhibitors," said Bob Yoffe, Washington's Auto Show manager, referring to the Space Draw process for the event WANADA produces annually in DC. "Drawing for space in the Auto Show here was going on before I came -- and that's been a while. But I can say, without hesitation, that the draw gets the job done with the floor space the OEMs lease year in and year out, and that's where our business begins." In fact, WANADA dealers began using a space draw with the Auto Show that was the first event to open the first Washington Convention Center in DC in 1983, which was 31 years ago. So how does the Auto Show Space Draw actually work? [FULL ARTICLE]

    Appeals court setback on Obamacare could
    curtail impending employer mandate
    The much publicized decision about the Affordable Care Act by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia last week, could mean that employers in Virginia, along with employers in surrounding states with employees who live in Virginia, will no longer be penalized for failing to provide health insurance to their employees. The same holds true for states like Virginia, which opted not to create ACA state healthcare exchanges. This will only result, of course, if the DC Circuit decision stands after the legal challenge that is likely coming. By way of background, the employer mandate section of the ACA provides that employers with 50 or more employees must offer health insurance to their employees. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Attacks on franchise system and dealer financing
    top dealer assns. agenda at summer meeting
    Senior executives from auto dealer associations across the U.S. and Canada, which comprise the Automotive Trade Associations network (ATAE), met last week on the West Coast to sort out industry issues before Congress, state legislatures and between dealers and automakers. High on the list of government relations and industry concerns for the dealer association representatives was the ongoing assault on state dealer licensing laws by high end, electric car maker Tesla, and the media fallout it has caused calling into question the relative utility and public interest of the franchise system. While the overall impact of Tesla sales in the industry is small, the continuing media flurry stirred up by the company's flamboyant owner, Elon Musk, in furtherance of his agenda that Tesla be dealerless, remains bothersome. [FULL ARTICLE]

    Daniel Jobe, Capitol Cadillac, places in "Great Race"
    with vintage car
    Event marks Capitol's 80th year in business
    In celebration of Capitol Cadillac Company's 80th anniversary, dealer Daniel Jobe drove in this year's Great Race from Maine to Florida. Driving a 1946 Cadillac Series 62 convertible 2,400 miles, Jobe and his team finished third out of 39 entries in the Rookie Division. The Great Race is an eight-day journey of vintage cars 1972 or older on public roads and is described by organizers as a "competitive controlled-speed speed endurance road rally." Instructions are given for each turn, speed change, stop and start, usually 220 to 250 of them a day. The course has four to seven checkpoints, and the goal is to arrive at each one at the correct time, not the fastest. Congratulations to Daniel Jobe, his navigator David Prueitt and third teammate Brian Love. [FULL ARTICLE]

    O'Donnell officially becomes WANADA CEO this week
    For the first time in 32 years, WANADA has a new chief of staff. Effective Tuesday of this week, July 1, 2014, John P. O'Donnell officially became president & CEO of the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association taking over from Gerard N. Murphy, who held the post since 1982. "To be sure, I'm new as chief of staff here at WANADA, but I'm anything but new to WANADA or its staff," President O'Donnell said, referring to his 13 year tenure as a WANADA executive and an earlier business relationship with the WANADA dealer organization that antedates that experience by an additional 10 years. [FULL ARTICLE]


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