Washington area sales up 9 percent in 3rd quarter

Washington area sales up 9 percent in 3rd quarter

Washington area sales rose more than 9 percent in the third quarter, but just 2 percent year to date, according to WANADAês Area Report based on R.L. Polk new-vehicle registration data. U.S. sales rose more slowly than Washington area sales in the third quarter, at 7.8 percent, but at a more rapid pace than local sales year to date, at 5.4 percent. U.S. figures are from NADA/Wardês.

Area sales for the third quarter in the 12 locality interstate market totaled 84,226, with the most sales in September (28,199), followed closely by August (28,059) and trailed by July (27,678). Year-to-date sales reached 236,110 with the prospect of exceeding 300,000 for the year.

Imports (non-Detroit 3 vehicles) had a stronger showing in the Washington area than nationally, making up 77.5 percent of the regional car market in the third quarter, and 59.5 percent of the truck market. Both figures were higher a year ago, when imports were 79.7 percent of third quarter car sales and 62.8 percent of third quarter truck sales. In U.S. sales, import share (55.5 percent) was higher than for the Detroit 3 (44.5 percent) in the third quarter, but with less of a gap than regionally.

Washington area car sales rose 2.7 percent in the third quarter and dropped 5 percent year to date through September. Truck sales jumped 17 percent in the third quarter and rose 10 percent year to date. Area drivers continue to prefer cars to trucks, but only slightly, with cars representing 50.8 percent of the total market compared with 49.2 percent for trucks. The gap was much more pronounced a year ago, with cars 54.5 percent of the market and trucks 45.5 percent. Nationally, trucks had a bigger share of the market, at 52.4 percent. Although the figures are third quarter for the Washington area and year to date for U.S. sales, the trend still holds.

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