Warren Browns Auto Show tech guide is a big hit with showgoers.

Warren Brownês Auto Show tech guide is a big hit with showgoers.

As in past years, everyone who came to the Washington Auto Show received an automotive technology guide written by longtime Washington Post syndicated auto columnist Warren Brown. Copies of Driving the Future, disappeared quickly as visitors to the Show sought to decipher the coming changes in autonomous driving, connected cars and changing societal attitudes toward and use of cars.

Driving the Future emphasized that autonomous cars, popularly known as driverless or self-driving cars, are not coming any time soon. There are too many obstacles to be overcome first, especially questions of liability and connectivity with other cars on the road and with the surrounding infrastructure.

Brownês guide this year covers not only the technology, but also the changes in the rest of the automotive sphere. –Traditional buy-sell relationships in the automobile industry are changing, which means traditional notions of vehicle ownership and traditional ideas about automotive luxury and prestige are all changing,” Brown writes.

Moving from the –Ask The Expert: booth on the floor of the Auto Show, this year he was on a panel at the MobilityTalks Conference, Mr. Brown interacted with his auto industry peers as opposed to the car consumers heêd handled at past Washington Auto Shows.

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