WANADA Launches New Service Manager Training Program

In a new initiative to expand the training options available through the Automobile Dealer Education Institute (ADEI), WANADA recently delivered its first Assistant Service Managers (ASM) class with a focus group of students. The attendees, who represented a number of dealership groups from around the region, were taught a number of new tools to help them build long-term relationships with customers. WANADA’s Director of Education Joe Hemberger is spearheading the program.

“I’m excited that WANADA now offers training on how its members can compete with the aftermarket on profitable repair and maintenance sales,” Hemberger said.

ADEI currently offers training for F&I and tag & title personnel in addition to its flagship auto technician apprenticeship program.

“Our goal is to give our ASMs the knowledge and confidence they need to deliver maintenance and repair recommendations so that customers’ vehicles perform at peak efficiency while the service department performs at peak profitability,” Hemberger continued. “The aftermarket is targeting dealership customers, so the staff needs to understand those tactics and how to defend against them through exemplary customer service.”

The initial offering was a small group of ASMs who provided detailed feedback on the content and delivery.  The full class will be available soon, with pricing and additional details to follow.  The class sizes will be limited due to space constraints. For more information or to pre-reserve slots for your staff, contact Joe Hemberger at 267-346-1700 or jh@wanada.org

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