WANADA Insurance: Now Accepting ACH Payments

The WANADA Insurance Department is pleased to announce that ACH payments can now be accepted for all WANADA Trust products.  The WANADA Trust utilizes volume discounts for certain employee benefits, including dental, life, disability and vision, to offer the most affordable pricing in the marketplace from nationally recognized carriers and providers.  “Because we specialize in car dealerships and have these exclusive deals within our Trust, there is truly no competition for pricing and service when it comes to these benefits,” said WANADA Vice President of Insurance Ed Mullaney.  “Even if a dealership gets their medical coverage through another broker, they should look at the WANADA Trust for dental, life and disability and/or vision insurance because we’re confident we can save any dealership a lot of money.”

For more information about the WANADA Trust or, if you are an existing client and would like to set up ACH to pay your WANADA Trust invoices, please contact Ed Mullaney or Connie Ryan at 202-237-7200 or em@wanada.org and cr@wanada.org respectively.

Download Bulletin PDF