WANADA Hosts Legal and Ethics Training for Sales and Service Managers

Michael Canan facilitated WANADA’s premier Legal and Ethical Standards Training, where sales and service managers learned the importance of legal compliance within the industry of car sales. This workshop was offered on Tuesday at WANADA’s headquarters in Friendship Heights. Canan is a corporate sales trainer at JM&A Group, a WANADA Kindred-Line member and one of the largest independent automotive finance and insurance advisory providers.

Both sales and service managers learned the best practices for sales ethics, paper work reviews along with other rules and regulations imposed by federal and state governments, in specifically-tailored sessions for each group of employees.

“We are not here to tell you how to run your stores,” Canan emphasized during his session with the sales managers, “All we want to do is explain what the law is and how you can best interpret it.”

Canan told the sales managers who attended the morning session about the importance of ethical compliance, both to protect consumers and to stay clear of unnecessary penalties. Failing to adhere to car dealer laws and regulations can be a costly mistake, Canan said, ranging from burdensome financial fines all the way to criminal penalties. Ignorance of these legal requirements is not a viable defense to these, Canan said, so vigilance and education are critical.

Each of the attendees at the event also had the chance to take an exam and earn JM&A’s certification for legal and ethical standards.

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