Volvo testing sensors for distracted, or sleepy drivers

Volvo testing sensors for distracted, or sleepy drivers

Consistant with its reputation for being a safety leader, Volvo is experimenting with technology that can recognize whether a driver is tired or inattentive by detecting closed eyes or what the driver is looking at.

By placing a sensor on the dashboard to monitor aspects, such as where the driver is looking, how open the drivers eyes are, and the drivers head position and angle, it is possible to develop precise safety systems that detect the drivers state and can adjust the car accordingly, Volvo says. The technology will also ensure that the vehicle does not stray out of the lane or get too close to the car in front when the driver is not paying attention, or wake up a driver who is falling asleep.

The driver would not be able to detect the sensors, which are already installed in test vehicles. The sensors will likely play an important role in self-driving cars in the future, says Volvo.

A reassuring point for privacy advocates: The car neither saves any pictures nor does any driver surveillance.

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