Virginia Emergency Safety Standards Now Fully in Effect

Please note that, as of last Friday, Virginia’s state-specific workplace safety standards are now fully in effect, and are being enforced. As of this past Friday, businesses in the state were required to have produced and implemented infectious disease preparedness plan for employees who fit the “medium” risk category, and to train those employees on it.

Please review the Emergency Temporary Standards compliance checklist that our partners at Charapp & Weiss, LLP produced, and visit the state Department of Labor and Industry ETS information page for a full rundown of relevant documents and guidelines.

Positive COVID-19 cases that can be connected to your workplace must be reported through the Virginia Department of Health’s online reporting portal. The portal allows employers to submit up to 10 positive cases at one time. You may also visit this page on the DOLI website to view the best points of contact for reporting all types of workplace injury and illness via phone.

Fines for violating the ETS can be at least $13,000, and can go as high as nearly $135,000, depending on the severity of the violation. Please make sure that you are in full compliance with the ETS guidelines, as well as all of Virginia’s phase three mandates and best practices.

Please continue diligently following all state and local mandates and best practices, no matter where in the region your business is located, and continue documenting all your efforts to comply with them. We at WANADA greatly appreciate your hard work and diligence, and will continue doing all we can to help support our members during this time.

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