Top foods people eat while they drive

Top foods people eat while they drive

Everyone knows eating while driving is just one more form of distracted driving. But a lot of us do it anyway. So whats on the menu?

The top scorer in a survey by on the best foods to eat while driving is a candy bar. It has all the right attributes: It can be eaten with one hand, it doesnt drip, and its tasty. As an added bonus, it doesnt leave a smell in the car. French fries are second, and would have been No. 1 if it werent for their lingering smell.

Other top choices: potato chips, chicken nuggets and doughnuts. Trailing behind them all was fresh fruit. Clearly good health is not a consideration in this situation.

Ranking at the bottom were any food that can gush its components, as editorial director Amy Danise delicately put it, like sandwiches or tacos.

Pass the hot sauce. Or rather, the Hershey bar.

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