Theft & Fraud Reports Decline in 2nd Quarter

WANADA values the safety and security of all our dealership partners and their customers. Recently, we’ve noticed a decline in the reporting of incidents related to attempted fraud and theft. While this could be perceived as positive news, it’s crucial for us to maintain a vigilant stance against such activities. Your feedback on any incidents, even if they seem minor, is invaluable in helping us understand the evolving landscape of fraudulent behavior. By sharing your experiences and observations, you not only contribute to the collective safety of our community but also help us fine-tune our prevention strategies.

Currently, incidents can be reported to Joe Koch via email ( so that the information can be disseminated to the dealer body.  WANADA is also in the process of developing a systematized crime reporting tool that will make the process easier and provide historical data for WANADA members.  The tool is currently in the beta testing phase and is slated for release this year.  Some screenshots of the new system are included for context.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to WANADA staff with any feedback or concerns you may have encountered. Together, we can ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for everyone involved.

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