The 2020 Washington Auto Show Opens to the Public With Strong Attendance

The 2020 Washington Auto Show, WANADA’s crown-jewel event and the largest annual public indoor event in Washington, D.C., opened its doors to the public last Friday at noon and will remain open every day through Sunday.

Attendance was strong all through the opening weekend, and continued at a relatively strong pace during the week thus far. Roughly 500 or so attendees made it to the meet-and-greet on Monday night featuring Washington Nationals star Juan Soto, while more than a dozen members of Congress have either toured the show floor or have plans to do so before closing. In addition, the show has received strong coverage on all four major local broadcast news networks.

The Auto Show’s pre-show programming, including MobilityTalks International, Industry Media Day, and the Sneak Peek Preview, were all well-attended events that generated plenty of positive feedback from attendees. To see more highlights from the show thus far, check out the links below, and if you haven’t made it to the show yet, you still have four full days to make it out!

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