Tesla five-store cap in Pennsylvania wins dealers endorsement

Tesla five-store cap in Pennsylvania wins dealersê endorsement

A bill that passed both the Pennsylvania house and senate and caps the number of factory stores has won the state dealer associationês endorsement. Governor Tom Corbett is expected to sign the bill.

Features the Pennsylvania Automotive Association can live with: The wording of the bill ensures that it applies to Tesla only, and there is a five-store cap. –Legislators did a good job of giving everyone something,” association president John Devlin wrote in an email to Automotive News.

Tesla said in its statement, –We hope the process in Pennsylvania serves as an example for how productive cooperation can lead to a win for all parties involved, dealers and legislators included.”

The original bill passed by the state senate did not cap the number of stores and was opposed by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. The Alliance said that bill would have given Tesla an unfair competitive advantage.

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