Sport Automotive honored by Clean Cities Coalition

The Fogarty family, owners of Sport Automotive in Silver Spring, was honored Sept. 25 by the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC) for their commitment to marketing General Motors and Honda plug-in electric vehicles. The Fogartys, through Sport Automotive, are one of the region’s leading sellers of EVs. WANADA is a sustaining member of the GWRCCC.


Robert Fogarty, Sr., president of Sport Automotive, and Gibbs Fogarty, Sport Chevrolet’s general manager, came to Clyde’s in DC to receive the GWRCCC’s Automotive Dealership Environmental Leadership Award. Gibbs Fogarty said Sport Automotive is committed to the importance and popularity of EVs and sees them as an integral important part of their business’ future and of America’s consumer driving ambition.


“We strongly believe that EVs are here to stay,” said Gibbs Fogarty. “General Motors and Honda have been leaders in the electric vehicle field, and Sport remains committed to making clean energy technology as widely available in the region as we can.”


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