RIP Pat Goss of Motorweek

As reported on WTOP, WANADA was saddened to learn of the passing of longtime local car guru Pat Goss. Pat Goss hosted the “Goss’ Garage” segment on the show MotorWeek for 41 seasons — beginning with the show’s very first episode.

His death was announced on MotorWeek’s Facebook page on Saturday. Goss served as the resident master technician on the show, which airs on Maryland Public Television.

“I think what made Pat really resonate with viewers and consumers was his ability to explain what was going on with your car and that was what we loved about him on the show,” MotorWeek creator and host John Davis told WTOP. “We didn’t necessarily ask him to show us how to fix cars, but to inform the viewers of what the problems are, what to be looking for, and how to communicate those to the technician that they’ve asked to repair it.”

Over the years many WANADA members appeared with Goss on MotorWeek, including George Doetsch, Geoff Pohanka, Charlie Stringfellow, John Ourisman, Tammy Darvish, Kevin Reilly, and Vince Sheehy.  Former WANADA CEO Gerry Murphy and current CEO John O’Donnell had also appeared on the program.

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