Reminder: Montgomery County Energy Benchmarking Reports Due 6/1

All dealers with buildings in Montgomery County with 25,000 gross sq. ft. or more must benchmark and report building profile and energy data to the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) by June 1st of each year using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The CY 2022 building energy benchmarking data can be reported to DEP at this link.

Energy Benchmarking is the process of tracking a building’s annual energy use and using a standard metric to compare the building’s performance against past performance and to its peers nationwide. Benchmarking improves our understanding of energy consumption patterns; helps identify energy saving opportunities within a portfolio of buildings; and manages business bottom line through consistent data collection and tracking. Please review the Benchmarking Overview and Benchmarking Checklist to get started.

Montgomery County’s Energy Benchmarking Law requires building owners to:

  • Track the energy use of buildings 25,000 gross square feet and greater in the county in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager,
  • Have data verified by a Recognized Data Verifier the first year and every three years thereafter, and
  • Report data to the County annually for public disclosure.
  • Meet long-term site energy use intensity performance standards. For more information on compliance with Building Energy Performance Standards, visit DEP’s BEPS website.

The CY 2022 building energy benchmarking data can be reported to DEP at this link.

To report data for previous years, please contact DEP for the reporting link. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for the implementation of this law. Email or call them at 240-777-7707.

Information and resources are provided below to aid compliance. To download an overview of the program and reporting:

  • Official Guide:  DEP has put together a comprehensive, set-by-step guide for complying with the Building Energy Benchmarking Law in Montgomery County, which includes background information, clarifying instructions, and details about reporting benchmarking data to the County. Download the Official Guide for Building Energy Benchmarking (PDF, 1.56MB) in Montgomery County
  • Benchmarking How-To Guide: Guide with screenshots of how to create a Portfolio Manager account, create a property, create meters, and enter energy data. Download the How-To Guide (PDF, 1.39MB).
Download Bulletin PDF