Regional Transportation Priorities Plan released

Regional Transportation Priorities Plan released

Transit crowding, roadway congestion and Metro and highway maintenance are the regions biggest transportation problems according to a survey of citizens by the regions Transportation Planning Board earlier this year. A draft of the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan, based upon an online survey and extensive discussions with interest groups and citizens, has been released by the Board and is available for public comment.

The plan discusses the top three priorities based on citizen comments: Metro and highway repair, transit crowding, roadway congestion, and other challenges. The first priority requires maintenance of Metro and of highways. The second priority requires near-term roadway improvements to alleviate bottlenecks; ongoing roadway management and efficiency programs to smooth traffic flow and minimize delays; and long-term investments in increased capacity of the rail and bus network, including … bus rapid transit on express toll lanes, the report says. It emphasizes the importance of a multimodal approach.

The third priority requires meeting the mobility needs of people with disabilities, providing bus priority, expanding bicycle infrastructure, encouraging alternative fuel vehicles, and updating and enforcing traffic laws.

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