Pennzoils synthetic motor oil made from natural gas

Pennzoilês synthetic motor oil made from natural gas

Pennzoil has introduced a process that converts natural gas into synthetic base motor oil. PurePlus Technology is the first major development in motor oil in more than 40 years, the company said.

–PurePlus Technology starts with a base of pure, crystal clear base oil made from natural gas with fewer of the impurities found in crude oil, which is the traditional base for many other conventional and synthetic motor oils,” said Chris Hayek, global brand director, Shell Lubricants Passenger Car Motor Oil.

Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oils are designed to cover engines in five areas that consumers deemed most critical for motor oil performance: Cleanliness, fuel economy, conservation of horsepower, wear protection and performance in extreme temperatures. The benefits of piston cleanliness, fuel economy and wear protection are derived from the combination of Pennzoil additive chemistry with PurePlus Base Oil.

PurePlus Technology is used by Pennzoil motorsports partners across NASCAR, IndyCar and the Tudor United SportsCar Championship Series.

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