OSHA Updates COVID-19 Workplace Guidance

Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that its Occupational Safety and Health Administration was updating workplace guidance related to COVID-19, as part of a directive from President Biden to provide clearer information to prevent viral spread in the workplace.

Please view the updated OSHA guidance at this link. At this time, there are not any current penalties or enforcement mechanisms associated with this guidance, though many of the recommendations do broadly echo the robust workplace protection regulations in effect in Virginia and the largest suburban counties in Maryland. Virginia’s final standard for COVID-19 protection in the workplace, which was launched on an emergency basis back in July, took permanent effect last month.

As vaccinations continue rolling out across the region, and eventually make their way to workers in essential transportation jobs like auto dealership employees, OSHA notes that these guidelines will change. WANADA will continue updating our members on the latest health and safety guidelines as they change to reflect the latest status of the pandemic.

Download Bulletin PDF