OSHA targeting auto repair shops for worker safety inspections

OSHA targeting auto repair shops for worker safety inspections

OSHA is sending inspectors to auto repair facilities to check that they are complying with worker safety regulations. The focus is on Region 8 (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming), but NADA advises dealerships nationwide to check their compliance.

The inspections, which began earlier this Spring, arise from five complaints OSHA/Region 8 received in FY 2010, all of which resulted in citations.

The directive lists the types of hazards inspectors will check for. On the list are: physical hazards that can induce crushing injuries caused by incorrect use and maintenance of lifts; worker exposure to illegal noise levels; machine guarding hazards; and uncovered service pits. Chemical hazards include exposure to carbon monoxide, paints and other hazardous chemicals used in brake cleaners.

Controlling the hazards begins with an effective safety and health program that includes regular audits and appropriate maintenance of equipment, especially lifts, as well as a robust Hazard Communication Program so that employees ae trained to recognize and avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals, says the OSHA directive.

Dealers with specific questions about their compliance should contact Lauren Bailey, NADA Regulatory Affairs, regulatoryaffairs@nada.org or 703-821-7040.

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