NADA Dealership Workforce Study shows growth industry

NADA Dealership Workforce Study shows growth industry

The NADA 2015 Dealership Workforce Study, which analyzed 2014 data, shows a growth industry with good earnings opportunity.

–Americaês new-car dealerships created new jobs, provided well-above-average wages and generated weekly earnings growth that kept pace with or exceeded U.S. private-sector income growth,” said NADA Chief Economist Steven Szakaly.

Most of the income growth came from continued improvements in dealership employee productivity, which was up 3.4%.

Although new-car dealership employee turnover increased, total turnover was still lower than the U.S. private sector average. Only one key position, sales consultant, exceeded the U.S. private sector industry average of 44 percent.

The 2015 study analyzed 290,000 payroll records. The enrollment period for dealerships to participate in the next study ends April 29.

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