NADA Data, from gross profit to new-vehicle days supply

NADA Data, from gross profit to new-vehicle daysê supply

Across the United States, total sales per dealership are now $59,590,891. Thatês just one of the useful facts found in NADA Data, which offers a financial portrait of U.S. new-vehicle dealerships today. The figures are based on 2016 data. A few highlights:

« Total new-car dealerships: 16,708

« Average selling price of new vehicles

sold: $34,449

« Average selling price of used vehicles sold: $19,866

« Increase in number of new vehicles sold from 2015 to 2016: 0.5 percent

« New-vehicle daysêsupply: 74 domestic, 54 import

« Average age of light vehicles on the road: 11.6 years

« Average employees per dealership: 69

« Average annual payroll per dealership: $3.9 million

« Aftermarket income as percentage of new- and used-vehicle department gross profit: 45.9%

« New-vehicle department gross profit: $1,884,299.

« Used-vehicle department gross profit: $1,686,043.

« Service/parts department gross profit: $3,198,463.

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