NADA Chairman Lutz focuses on challenges of vehicle innovation

Personal vehicle ownership is stronger than ever, and “the automobile is the most exciting platform for innovation in the next 100 years,” Wes Lutz said at the NADA Show in his first official speech as 2018 NADA Chairman.


Lutz talked about the changes coming to the auto industry, particularly in autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles. “It’s true, that technology makes sharing a car more convenient than ever,” he said. “But what the naysayers forget is that that technology also makes owning a car better than it used to be.” And “auto dealers are going to sell the vast majority of electric cars sold.”


Lutz said he will encourage dealers to continue adapting to the retailing challenges ahead.


“At almost every turn, dealers have faced challenges – some major ones,” he said. “But our troubles didn’t define us. How we responded to them did.”


As car ownership continues to break records globally, auto dealers have a role to play in the future of the industry, investing in new franchises, new facilities and new technologies, said Lutz.


And NADA will continue with its advocacy on behalf of dealers. “NADA will continue to fight for you in our nation’s capital, in the face of regulatory and legislative burdens,” said Lutz. “We will continue to reach out to manufacturers and build strong relationships moving ahead.”