Montgomery County Electric Vehicle Purchasing Cooperative Update

Many of you are aware of the new initiative in Montgomery County known as the Montgomery County Electric Vehicle Purchasing Cooperative (EVPC).The Cooperative’s Pilot Phase launched in January 2022 with the purpose of making it easier for county residents to adopt EVs.  They seek to accomplish this goal by demystifying EV and EV charging technology, dispelling myths, highlighting the experience of local EV drivers, and providing accurate information on the benefits of EVs and the resources available to support EV adoption. The EVPC’s Pilot Phase met its goal to secure 1,000 EV Pledges from County residents by May 31.

The program also has “Electrified Dealers”, which are their preferred partners to ostensibly refer customers interested in purchasing EVs.  If you have not already signed up to become a partner dealership, you can find more information here.

The Pilot Phase is complete and Montgomery County will now manage the program directly moving forward. For more specific inquiries, contact @Booher, Brian, Montgomery County’s new Senior ZEV Planning Specialist, who will now serve as the primary point of contact for the EVPC.

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