Montgomery County Creates New Auto Crimes Task Force

After experiencing a 300% increase in auto thefts following the dissolution of the auto theft task force in Montgomery County, officials have quietly instituted a new unit now dubbed the Auto Crimes Task Force. While this new division is smaller than the previous team, WANADA was pleased to learn that the county is again devoting resources to address auto related crimes. Please note that the contacts that you may have had for county law enforcement have now changed and are published below as well as the WANADA website here.

Montgomery County Auto Crimes Task Force:
Sgt. Robert Grims
Cell 240-876-7992

Sgt. Mark Hayden
Cell 240-876-5518

Sgt. Wayne Nichols
Cell 240-400-3803

Det. Dave Wells
Cell 240-876-2187

Det. Amanda Coffey
Cell 240-753-9670

Ofc. Brock Dulko
Cell 443-854-3717

Det. Ray Collins 

Although we appreciate the County stepping up to reconstitute an auto-related crimes division, it is worrisome that the new unit is half the size of the old task force. Furthermore, the new unit is only currently slated to be in operation for 90 days, at which point the County will reassess the need to continue funding this division. As such, please contact your local elected officials in Montgomery County and urge them to fully fund this division so that automotive crimes can be more effectively prevented, investigated and prosecuted in the county.

Please note that you can always report suspicious activity to the WANADA staff, as many of you regularly do, and we will alert the greater dealer community without divulging your dealership information. Contact Joe Koch or at 202-821-5824 for more information or to make a report.

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