Minidealership director Steve Boden honored by Montgomery Schools

Minidealership director Steve Boden honored by Montgomery Schools

The Montgomery County Public Schools recognized a number of individuals and organizations recently for their extraordinary contributions to the educational mission of one of Marylandês leading school systems, to include Steve Boden.

The longstanding director of the MCPS Trades Foundations serving the automotive, construction and IT industries, Mr. Boden was honored with the Distinguished Service in Public Education Award presented by the Montgomery County Board of Education.

Along with Boden were five other individuals and four organizations spotlighted by the Montgomery County Board of Education for a wide variety of good works benefitting the school system in the training and education it so successfully delivers to county students, from kindergarten through high school. The Montgomery County Board of Education established the Awards for Distinguished Service to Public Education in 1997 to recognize and show appreciation to individuals, groups, and businesses that have made exemplary contributions to public education in Montgomery County.

A 26 year educator professional with Montgomery County Public Schools where he has supervised the Trades Foundation Programming for a good bit of his tenure, –Steve Boden has been the heart and soul of our Montgomery students Automotive Trades Foundation,” said Harold Redden of Fitzgerald Auto Malls, chairman of the Foundation. Redden described Automotive Trades as pace setting in the burgeoning field of career training in public high school education. Going back to the 1970s with WANADAês support, the MCPS Automotive Trades Foundation, or –Minidealership,” has consistently recruited and trained high school students in the dealership employment sectors of service department auto technology and vehicle sales. For its part since the beginning, the Minidealership has operated as a licensed used car sales organization that acquires, reconditions and sells motor vehicles to the consuming public.

–When a MCPS student completes our Minidealership program thereês a good chance he or she will find their way into the automobile business,” said Redden, –and thatês huge.” As Boden has often said, –bringing up the next generation to staff the vital industries we serve is the mission of our Foundation programming.”

So successful has Montgomery Countyês Foundation Programming been, it has been mirrored by the Fairfax County Public Schools where similarly longstanding, valuable partnerships with industry exist.

WANADA offers Steve Boden every best wish on the well-deserved professional recognition!

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