Millennials do too love their cars!

Millennials do too love their cars!

Another myth about millennials is shot down: A new study from Strategic Vision, the Customer Love Index (CLI), shows that young buyers love their cars more than many suggest.

Even though millennials are more likely to buy mass-market vehicles designed to maximize value rather than enjoyment, they give their car an average CLI score of 470, compared with the score of 400 given by other buyers.

Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards explains what the company means by customer love: –Creating a product that customers can love will allow buyers to spend significantly more money because it has the right balance of styling, innovation, performance and environmental friendliness.”

The CLI scores created a winner in each of 29 segments, plus best full-line corporation (Volkswagen, before the emissions scandal). The Porsche Macan got the highest score of any model.

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