MD MVA advises dealers on excise tax credit request for plug-in EVs

The MDOT MVA has issued a bulletin to Maryland dealers to clarify the calculation on excise tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) bought after July 1, 2017. Those vehicles are eligible for the credit, subject to available funding. A credit is allowed for PEVs and will be granted up to $3,000, regardless of the amount of excise tax paid by a customer.

This program continues to be subject to available funding, which cannot exceed $3,000,000 per fiscal year (ending in June). The MDOT MVA will continue to process the excise tax credit for PEVs until program funds have been depleted.

Here’s how the excise tax credit is calculated:
• $100 multiplied by the kilowatt hour of the battery capacity of the vehicle.
• Any vehicles with 30 kwh and above will qualify for the maximum credit allowed of $3,000.
Vehicles that plug in to receive power from an external source qualify for the excise tax credit. Hybrids that do not plug in to an external source do not qualify.
Here is a link to the revised VR-334 Excise Tax Credit Request for Plug-In Electric Vehicle. This form should be used to apply for the credit:
Here is a link to Maryland Senate Bill 393, Clean Cars Act of 2017, effective July 1, 2017.
Maryland dealers with questions or concerns are invited to call MVA’s refunds unit at (410)768-7346.

Download Bulletin PDF