Maryland Joins Virginia in passing fair recall legislation

Maryland Joins Virginia in passing fair recall legislation

As all were made aware from here and elsewhere, the Maryland General Assembly last week passed a comprehensive bill on motor vehicle recalls that will be helpful to consumers, dealers and automakers, but most especially the motoring public. Maryland lawmakers enacted the legislation in closing hours of the 2016 General Assembly, ensuring that automaker recalls will be fairly administered and understood by dealers carrying them out and vehicle owners benefitting by them.

The Maryland measure, on its way to the governor for signature into law, is similar to recall legislation passed earlier this year by the Virginia General Assembly, which concluded its legislative session ahead of Maryland. What the legislation does is enable dealers to more fully partner with their OEMs in identifying vehicle malfunctions rising to the level of recalls when car owners are in for service. It also establishes fair and clear compensation pathways from OEMs to their dealers when vehicles in dealer inventory are red flagged for recall repairs before parts are available requiring grounding of vehicles.

Recall legislation in the public interest, like the bills passed in Virginia and Maryland, are critically important to the public and car owners given the unprecedented wave of vehicle recalls that have occurred with various OEM brands in recent times.

WANADA salutes its sister dealer associations, VADA and MADA, for seeing these measures through into law and was pleased to have played the supporting roll we did in the success!

The WANADA Bulletin will have more to report on the General Assembly session in Maryland and Virginia after the WANADA Board Meeting later this week.

Stay tuned!

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