Maryland dealers not required to post labor rate in service dept.

Maryland dealers not required to post labor rate in service dept.

Contrary to what many Maryland dealers may believe, they are not required to post their labor rate in their service department. Hereês what they are required to provide to service customers:

A written estimate for any repair work over $50.00 (at the customerês request). The estimate must contain an estimated completion date, an estimated price for labor and parts necessary to complete the work, a clear statement on the repair facilityês responsibility for damages while the customerês vehicle is on the premises and the estimated surcharge, if applicable. If the fee is disclosed to the customer before the estimate is made, the repair facility may charge a reasonable fee for making the estimate. In Montgomery County, the minimum to request a written estimate is $25.00.

An invoice detailing completed repair work. The invoice must include a description of the work done, including all warranty work and all parts supplied by the repair facility. The invoice must also identify any parts that were used, rebuilt or reconditioned. After the customer signs the invoice, the repair facility gives a copy to the customer and retains a copy. In Montgomery County only, this invoice is required for repair work over $15.00.

A copy of the form used for authorization of repairs. This document should inform customers of their rights. For example: the customer may then request a written estimate for repairs over $50.00 (in Montgomery County, $25.00); the repair facility may not charge a customer any amount 10 percent over the written estimate without the customerês consent; the customer is entitled to the return of any parts that get replaced; and repairs not authorized by the customer may not be charged without his or her consent.

In Montgomery County, repair facilities must give to requesting customers an estimated completion date for repairs or maintenance, in writing, or disclose in writing that a completion date cannot be determined.

Thanks to Michael Charapp,Esq. of Charapp & Weiss, LLP for providing this information.

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