MADA FTC Safeguards and Cybersecurity Webinar

The Maryland Auto Dealers Association (MADA) recently partnered with ComplyAuto (who is also a member of WANADA) to host a webinar discussing the requirements of the new FTC Safeguards Rule that will be enforced in December of this year. According to the MADA Monthly News, “The FTC provided dealers a year since the new rules were announced in late 2021 to become compliant. Compliance involves many layers, including but not limited to: formation of a written cyber security program, cyber threat vulnerability testing, multi-layer email security protocols, vendor data protection agreements and employee training. Dealers must begin the compliance process now if not commenced already. Fines for non-compliance can be up to $46,517 per violation.”

Click here to be directed to a download link for the webinar recording and use Access Code: Z9+ZcUA!

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