Karl Rove and Howard Dean agree: Trump wont be president

Karl Rove and Howard Dean agree: Trump wonêt be president

In a spirited, but polite political discussion at the NADA Convention, Republican Strategist Karl Rove and Democrat Howard Dean agreed on one hot button point Donald Trump will not be elected president. Rove is former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, and Dean served as governor of Vermont and chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Both remain key players in American politics. The discussion was moderated by Mike Allen, chief White House correspondent for Politico.

Dean and Rove also discussed the tremendous social change that has culminated in what Dean called –the summer of Trump and gridlock in Washington.” Rove does not think Senator Ted Cruz will secure the GOP nomination either, but speculated that another candidate as yet unknown will be the Republican nominee.

The two also discussed the animosity between the two major political parties agreeing that the next president needs to reach across the aisle and develop inclusive relationships. Other topics the two addressed included the dwindling power of the news media, lack of substantive political reporting and the publicês yearning for controversy that is more akin to reality TV. Dean said Trumpês constant –outrageous statements” win him more television airtime than other candidates.

The main clash between Dean and Rove came over Hillary Rodham Clinton. Dean, a supporter of Clinton for president, told attendees they should be unconcerned about various controversies surrounding her past, including Clintonês private email server and the Benghazi fallout. Rove strongly contested Deanês points on Clinton.

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