Jack Fitzgerald Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from NAACP  

A humble man who credits his success and prosperity to helping the underprivileged and underrepresented citizens of our communities. This is how Linda Plummer, President of the NAACP Montgomery County MD Unit, describes Jack Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Fitzgerald Auto Malls. Fitzgerald was recently recognized and awarded the NAACP’s Presidential Humanitarian award.

“The NAACP’s Presidential Humanitarian award is given to a person who has consistently exhibited the concern for community residents versus the commonly recognized actions of those who represent the entities of ‘power and prestige’,” states Linda Plummer. “We salute Mr. Fitzgerald’s contributions to public safety, responsible consumer access, exposing youth to workplace environments and providing the renowned “FitzWay” business practices.”

For 50 years, Fitzgerald Auto Malls has been one of Maryland’s leading car dealers and consumer advocates. Fitzgerald’s leadership has advanced a number of industry standards. He has always stressed the importance of consumer education and supported efforts to strengthen local laws to protect consumers. Fitzgerald’s business practices have also demonstrated an unwavering commitment to passenger safety and environmental responsibility.

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