Hyundai to meet CAFE standards with electric cars

Hyundai to meet CAFE standards with electric cars

Hyundaiês chief of product planning, Mike OêBrien, opened the automakerês press conference at The Washington Auto Show touting 2015 as Hyundaiês –hottest year on record.” From there, he got right to the biggest regulatory challenge: Corporate Average Fuel Economy.

–Thereês so much pressure on the industry,” OêBrien observed, and –thereês renewed interest in how weêre going to achieve higher CAFE by 2025, especially since our customers are clamoring for SUVs.”

Hyundaiês primary means of meeting CAFE will be electrification, which can also cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy security. By 2020, Hyundai plans to have 12 hybrids, 6 plug-in hybrids, 6 battery EVs and 2 hydrogen EVs.

Hyundaiês Ioniq nameplate — to be launched at the New York Auto Show this spring — will offer battery electric vehicles (BEVs) this year and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in 2017. The battery technologies are good for small vehicles, which account for 40 percent of BEVs, said OêBrien. Potential downsides include the ability to charge the vehicle and the effect of weather on the vehicleês range. Range is also reduced by use of the air conditioner, wipers and headlights.

Hyundai has a Tucson Fuel Cell the hydrogen version in its popular Tucson model — which it plans to sell where thereês fuel for it. So far, thatês California, which has 13 stations open and 53 stations funded. The $499 monthly lease payment includes all fuel costs. And, said OêBrien, –it drives like a gas powered car.”

The 2016 Sonata Plug-In Hybrid has a 27-mile all-electric range and a 600-mile total range. Thanks to a large federal incentive, it costs less than a Sonata Hybrid.

OêBrien also highlighted some of Hyundaiês smart technology features. A CO2 sensor detects if CO2 levels are rising in the car, a situation that can increase driver drowsiness. A pedestrian detection feature alerts the driver to the presence of a pedestrian and applies automatic emergency braking. Smart cruise control can adjust cruise control speed as necessary.

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