Helpful Reminders from the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board

For all Virginia dealers, it is important to remember that the Virginia Motor Vehicle Board (MVDB) oversees most dealer compliance issues.  This is to the advantage of the industry since this is essentially a highly organized and effective self-policing body.  To ensure MVDB can communicate promptly with Dealers, and that you receive all the MVDB correspondence, WANADA recommends that all dealerships and dealer-operators have an official email address registered with MVDB.  If you need to submit or update your email address please send to  Please include your Dealer Certificate number and name for processing.

It is also important to regularly review the dealership email and contact information MVDB has on file to ensure it is up to date.  You can request an Audit Sheet that contains these details for your dealership by emailing your Field Representative or Dealers may also view much of the contact information the Board has for the Dealer through the “Search Active Dealer” feature on the MVDB website.  When searching for your dealership, check to see if the information on the website is accurate.

At the time of dealer license renewal, accurately indicate on the  MVDB 10 (Section 4) the dealership email and the dealer-operator’s email address.  In addition, watch for Board notices, announcements, and other educational information emailed to you through Sendpulse, MVDB’s email marketing tool.

MVDB also provided a few other tips to ensure smooth and seamless communication:

  1. Make sure the Board is listed as a “trusted site” in your email.
  2. Check your spam or junk account for any emails from the Board.
  3. Place the MVDB in your email address/ contacts.
  4. If you have storage limits on your hosting email provider, please make sure you stay below your limits.

MVDB staff makes every effort to record dealer contact information promptly and accurately.  If there are any questions, please contact the Board at 804-367-1100 or via email at

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