From NADA: What to Expect from Lame Duck Session

This week, Congress returns to Washington to resume its lame duck session, which began after the midterm elections and is expected to last into late December. Congress has a long to-do list for the lame duck, such as extending government funding, which is set to expire on December 16.

The lame duck session presents opportunities to address two especially important dealer legislative issues. First, it would be extremely helpful for dealers to continue to remind Members of Congress of the importance of LIFO relief legislation to dealers (H.R. 7382/S. 4105) and that it is critical to pass this legislation this year.

Second, NADA is encouraging Members of Congress to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on its proposed “vehicle shopping” rule that would complicate vehicle sales, lengthen the sales process, and harm consumers. Members of Congress are being urged to sign the Armstrong-McEachin letter asking the FTC to withdraw its “vehicle shopping” rule and instead issue an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The deadline to sign the letter has been extended to November 29.

Additional information regarding these important dealer priorities can be found here.

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