From MADA: Additional Guidance on Excise Tax Credits

Last month our friends at MADA relayed additional guidance from the MVA on excise tax credits:

A vehicle base purchase price exceeding $50,000 – even if the total purchase price is lower than $50,000 – will not quality for the EV excise tax rebate.

*The vehicle base purchase price means the Standard Vehicle Price as printed on the Monroney sticker. This base purchase price does not include: shipping or freight charges; optional manufacture installed items included with the vehicle at the time of purchase; extended warranties; state or federal taxes; registration fees; calculation of a dealer trade-in allowance; dealer discounts or rebates; state, federal, or local government purchase incentives; and vehicle options.

Example 1. Susan purchased an electric vehicle with a Monroney sticker base price of $47,240 but added custom options that added $8,000. Including the $1,390 destination fee and $250 order fee, the total vehicle price is $56,880. Since the base price of $47,240 does not exceed $50,000, Susan would qualify for the credit. (Sample Qualifies Monroney Sticker​)

Example 2. Bob purchased an electric vehicle with a Monroney sticker base price of $56,995 but the sale included a manufacturer rebate that brought the total vehicle price under $50,000. Even though Bob’s vehicle sale was under $50,000, Bob would not qualify for the credit since the base purchase price exceeds $50,000. (Sample No Credit Monroney Sticker​)

Expectation of Payment from the State:

The Maryland MVA processes program applications, but the credit is prepared by the State Comptroller’s Office in Annapolis. Upon approval, you should receive the credit within 8-10 weeks.

Does my Dealership Qualify?

Yes, however the credit is limited to one vehicle per individual and ten (10) vehicles per business entity.​

To submit an EV excise tax rebate application for a customer:

  • VR-334: Complete and certify an VR-334 Application (Excise Tax Credit Request for Plug-In Electric or Fuel Cell Vehicle)
  • Scan the vehicle’s original Monroney sticker

Submit completed form & Monroney sticker image/photo to:


You may also mail applications to:

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration Excise Tax Refund Unit

6601 Ritchie Highway NE Room 202 Glen Burnie, MD 21062

Refer to the MVA Excise Tax Page for more information.

Please note that electric vehicles purchased prior to July 1, 2023, are not eligible for the EV excise tax credit under the current program established by the Maryland General

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