Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Addresses Annual Meeting

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz, who hosts the weekly Media Buzz program on the network, addressed the recently-concluded election during his keynote address at WANADA’s Annual Meeting.

Kurtz’s speech was recorded last Wednesday, when the outcome of the presidential race had yet to be called. Since then, Joe Biden has been declared the winner, though Republicans performed better than had been expected in Congressional races, and staved off Democratic hopes of flipping competitive state legislative chambers.

While the outcome of the presidential race was still unclear at the time of the event, Kurtz noted that President Trump managed to vastly outperform many of the pre-election polls, and turned out many low-propensity voters, contrary to the projections of many in the media.

“A lot of [the president’s] people turned out on Tuesday,” Kurtz said. “Four years after 2016, we once again underestimated him. There were a lot of people perpetuating this fantasy that Biden might win Texas or Florida, which of course didn’t happen.”

While discussing Joe Biden, who is now the president-elect, Kurtz said that he profiled the then-Senator back in 1987, which showed how long both of them had been active in Washington. He said the president-elect’s campaign strategy was largely to let Trump drive the narrative, for better or for worse, as the election was going to be seen as a referendum on the incumbent.

“Biden was very content with letting Trump take the spotlight,” Kurtz said. “That might be why the election was tighter than many in the media predicted.”

Kurtz also recapped what has been an unpredictable and unprecedented news year, with an remarkable number of high-profile events happing just at the end of the campaign: the release of Bob Woodward’s book in September, the president being hospitalized with COVID-19, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing away and Amy Coney Barrett being confirmed to replace her on the Supreme Court.

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