Forgotten where youve parked? Youre not alone!

Forgotten where youêve parked? Youêre not alone!

More than half of drivers have forgotten where theyêve parked, making that the number one driving embarrassment, according to a new survey by Driving over a curb in a parking lot and locking the keys in the car are the next most common gaffes, with women admitting to doing all of them more than men (thatês admitting, not necessarily doing them more).

The rest of the top 10:

« Driven the wrong way down a one-way street

« Driven away with something on the roof, such as coffee or a purse

« Tried to open a car door and realized it wasnêt your car

« Couldnêt back out of a parking spot because other cars or objects were too close

« Dropped their money or food at a drive-through window

« Accidentally started their carês panic alarm and couldnêt turn it off quickly

« Lost a toll ticket at the payment booth

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