Edmunds.com partners directly with dealers

Edmunds.com partners directly with dealers

Despite the uncomplimentary statement about its dealer partners posted on its car buyer site — a place where car buyers can trust dealers – Edmonds.com is rolling out a new program which they say make dealers a more integral part of the sites information and referral.

Heres how it works: In conjunction with its dealer partners, Edmunds offers actual prices on specific inventory on dealer lots. The dealers agree to honor that price when presented with a certificate from Edmunds.com.

Since the Price Promise Program launched as a pilot in February and nationwide in June, dealers in the program have seen their ratings and reviews scores rise by 10 percent, says Edmunds.

The company also found that:

Sixty percent more car shoppers are submitting their personal information on Edmunds.com in exchange for Price Promise certificates.

These shoppers look at 150 percent more inventory pages.

One-third of all Price Promise deals close within two days of the certificate download.

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