Dealer updates for DC DMV

Dealer updates for DC DMV

What follows is information from DC DMV to all dealers tagging and titling vehicles for residents of the city. It is passed along to WANADA dealer members pursuant to WANADAês cooperative relationship with DC DMV leadership to ensure dealers have what they need in assisting their DC resident customers.

Dealer Vehicle Registration Services

Drop-off Services (unlimited transactions)

Southwest Service Center

95 M St., SW, First Floor

Washington, DC 20024

Tuesday Saturday, 8:15 a.m. 3:00 p.m.

7 business days processing time

Walk-in Services

(up to 3 registrations and/or Title Only transactions)

Southwest Service Center

Same address and hours

Current Dealer Office Updates

« Letter of correction with notary A notarized letter of correction on the dealershipês letterhead is required for correction of errors on the MCO, Title or Reassignment Form.

« MD Security Interest Filing (SIF) Forms MD law allows financial institutions to release liens on MD titles via use of the MD Security Interest Filing forms or issuance of a signed letter from the lien holder specifically identifying the vehicle and stating that the lien has been released. DC DMV will continue to accept an original, notarized lien release letter from the lien holder on the lien holderês letterhead until October 31, 2015. Effective November 1, 2015, MD title lien releases must be submitted via the MD Security Interest Filing Form.

« Online Excise Tax Calculator Dealers are required to submit Online Excise Tax Calculator printouts when submitting vehicle title applications. This means that the Online Excise Tax Calculations printout must be submitted with every application whether or not an excise tax value exists on the printout. If an excise tax value does not exist on the printout (i.e., for new vehicles), DC DMV will use the bill of sale amount to calculate the excise tax. If the printout is not included with the transaction, the transaction will be rejected.

« DC residents can transfer their existing tag to a newly purchased vehicle as long as the tag is not expired and the ownership remains unchanged.

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