DC DMVs used car value calculator for title tax, eff. Mar. 1

DC DMVês used car value calculator for title tax, eff. Mar. 1

Regulators from DC DMV announced at The Washington Auto Show regional motor vehicle law seminar for WANADA members recently that they were moving forward with an automated approach to determining title tax on used vehicles retailed by dealers to DC residents. As explained, and now up on its website, DC DMV has devised a calculator utilizing used car values from the NADA Used Car Guide, Eastern U.S. edition, that will become the agencyês reference for determining if the used car sale by a dealer has had the DC title tax computed correctly.

The DC DMV spokesman at the Auto Show emphasized that the NADA Used Car Guide value will prevail with them, even when the actual used vehicle sale price proves less than the NADA value. So besides the longstanding vehicle weight variable with DC — which determines whether title tax is 6 or 8% — the NADA Used Car Guide value will need to be factored in, effective March 1, 2015.

Area dealers earlier this month giving the DC title tax calculator a test run couldnêt get through because the access coordinates were incorrect. That has since been fixed; click here to access the DC DMV calculator. Another retailer concern was how the selling dealer would be able to document that they utilized the tax calculator for the customer and ultimately the deal jacket. Here, it is a matter of printing the page after the calculation is complete that displays the VIN number, vehicle model, odometer and total excise tax amount.

WANADA is planning a meeting with DC DMV director Lucinda Babers and her staff in the near future to discuss the tax calculator and other areas where the dealers can be helpful to the agency and where the agency can be helpful to the dealers.

WANADA dealers should take care that all title processing staff are familiar with this new arrangement in DC. Anyone with questions in the interim can contact Joe Koch in the WANADA office at 202-237-7200, or jk@wanada.org.

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