DC DMV delays used car tax calculator until April 1

DC DMV delays used car tax calculator until April 1

With bugs in the launching of its online used car tax calculator that DC DMV planned to implement on March 1, 2015, city motor vehicle regulators backed the effective date off until April 1.

As reported in the WANADA Bulletin and elsewhere, the used car value calculator for DC title tax on vehicles retailed by dealers to DC residents is based upon the NADA Used Car Guide, Eastern U.S. edition. City motor vehicle regulators say they will enforce their calculator values irrespective of the actual retail sales price of the used vehicle.

The new system was announced by DC DMV representatives to area dealer participants at the Annual Regional Motor Vehicle Law Conference that WANADA sponsored at The Washington Auto Show. Problems reported with the online system that was set up earlier this month on a trial/testing basis included contact coordinates that didnêt work. To get to the corrected dealer seller coordinates as reported in the last WANADA Bulletin click here

WANADA plans to meet with DC DMV leadership shortly to discuss the tax calculator and other matters. In the interim WANADA dealers need to take care that dealership staff are up-to-date on this by April 1. Contact Joe Koch in the WANADA Office with any questions: (202) 237-7200 jk@wanada.org.

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