DARCARS Eliminates Lunch Debt for Prince George’s Students

DARCARS Automotive Group made a generous donation earlier this week to completely eliminate student lunch debt in Prince George’s County.

During a ceremony at William Hall Academy in Capitol Heights on Tuesday, DARCARS chief operating officer Jamie Darvish presented Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO Monica Goldson with a $25,000 check, earmarked towards ensuring that every student in the county has a clean slate when it comes to paying for something as essential as a school meal.

“I’m glad we could be here to do our part in the community,” Darvish said, according to WTOP-FM. “Prince George’s County is extremely important to me, and my family, and our whole team at DARCARS.”

“The community supports us immensely and we’re glad to be able to do something to give back and support the community,” Darvish continued. “I really look and I see it’s not easy to be a kid today. The last thing in the world that a child needs to worry about is eating. And being hungry makes accomplishing tasks of overcoming those challenges and burdens in society that much harder. So, I’m honored and I’m glad that we could step up and do this. And stay tuned. We’re not stopping here.”

Golson commended Darvish and the DARCARS leadership team not just for their support of the school system, but for targeting their donation specifically in an area where it could do immense good, and quickly. According to Prince George’s County, the total outstanding lunch debt in the county was over $16,000, and more than one out of every four students comes from a home with a household income under $50,000.

“When our students enter our schools, we want to make sure that they’re able to focus on learning,” Golson said on Tuesday. “I’m extremely grateful that a community partners has joined us to make sure that parents from the bottom of our school district in Accokeek, all the way to the top of our school district in Laurel and Beltsville benefit from this holiday cheer.”

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