Brown’s Automotive Group Supports Family in Need

The message that randomly appeared in the WANADA general mailbox was simple and straightforward: “I need assistance. The transmission in my Nissan van is bad and needs to be replaced. Can’t afford the repair. I have three young kids, two are special needs. Need a vehicle to transport kids to Children’s Hospital and other doctors appointments.” While WANADA does not typically engage in supporting individual requests of this kind, the reference to the special needs children and the relationship with Children’s Hospital, with whom WANADA helps support each year via The Washington, DC Auto Show, struck home. A call went out and Brown’s Automotive Group responded.

“We were proud to partner with WANADA on this goodwill act,” said Brown’s CEO Gordon Riddle.

The original email sender, a single mother named “Elisabeth” (the full identity of the family is being withheld for privacy reasons), had been walking from her Manassas home to work each day to support her children. Several doctor’s appointments had been missed already, so the need for reliable transportation was absolutely paramount. When the Brown’s team was able to tow the van into the shop, it was clear that the transmission was only the first hurdle to overcome.

“After taking a look at it, the Brown’s group really went above and beyond and decided to donate the family an entirely different vehicle,” said WANADA Vice President of Operations Joe Koch. “They wanted to make sure these kids were well-provided for, so they took a used Toyota Sienna and made it like new.”

When the family finally received their new van, the children were overjoyed. “My granddaughter couldn’t stop talking about that bow!” said Elisabeth’s mother.

WANADA would like to especially thank the Brown Automotive Group for this community service and acknowledge that all of our area dealers are constantly giving back to their local communities in tremendous ways. Car dealers, for these reasons and more, have always been bedrocks that help support and sustain their local economies and we are proud to represent such generous difference-makers in our area.

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