Bank of America becomes WANADAs first Kindred-line member to donate a grant to dealer career ed.

Bank of America becomes WANADAês first Kindred-line member to donate a grant to dealer career ed.

WANADA salutes US Trust/Bank of America Private Wealth Management for stepping forward with funding for the Automobile Dealer Education Instituteês Technician Development Program, thereby becoming the first Kindred- line member in the association to do so. Kindred- line representative John Devine presented a generous donation to ADEI this week at WANADA headquarters in a check for $10,000 from the BoA Charitable Foundation. Devine personally organized the grant pursuant to his leadership position on the board of the Montgomery Students Automotive Trades Foundation where he serves with WANADA dealers and other county business leaders in overseeing the award- winning MCPS –Mini Dealership” that trains and motivates public high school students toward careers in auto technology and body repair.

MCPS administrator and ATF director, Steve Boden, who has successfully marshalled WANADA dealer support of the ATF Mini Dealership since the 1990s, also acts in an advisory capacity to WANADA on its ADEI Technician Development Curriculum that has been effectively at work for nearly a decade at Montgomery College in Rockville, Md, and more recently at Marshall Academy in Falls Church, Va. The MCPS/ ATF and its Fairfax County auto trades counterpart through FATE Foundation for Applied Technical Education — operate as public school precursors to recruit and train young people for inclusion in ADEIês Technician Development Program.

The singular goal of ADEIês Tech Development is just that: The education and training of aspiring, career-bound technicians to become full-fledged line technicians in dealerships while employed in service departments. Since ADEIês NATEF Certified Technician Development Program has been available to WANADA dealers, hundreds of line technicians have emerged from its two year curriculum and combined O-J-T regimen, with sponsoring service departments across the region successfully –home growing ” their technician staff.

In presenting the grant to ADEI staff leaders at WANADA headquarters earlier this week, John Devine said BoA through its Charitable Foundation supports select training programs, like ADEI, that demonstrate promise –to educate the workforce of the 21st Century for jobs through a combination of local and national funding and volunteerism.”

Additional benefactors of ADEI have included major automakers, public workforce development agencies, other philanthropic organizations and any number of Rotary Clubs across the Washington Area.

To see how the dealershipês service department can look to the future and advantage its technician team through ADEI, or how as a WANADA Kindred -line member you can emulate the forward thinking of John Devine and his colleagues at US Trust/ Bank of America Private Wealth Management by supporting ADEI with a corporate, tax deductible gift, contact Gerry Murphy or John OêDonnell in the WANADA office at (202) 237-7200, or or, respectively.

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