As always, the cars are the stars at the Washington Auto Show

For consumers and car shoppers, the great thing about the Auto Show is having so many different new vehicles in one place, all of which are equipped with the latest technology.


At the Washington Auto Show, there was a veritable bumper crop of SUVs and crossovers – a big draw for this region’s buyers – along with some cars that are just fun to look at, even if they’re not in your price range, such as Ferraris, Bentleys and Lamborghinis.


And, this being the Public Policy Show, several OEMs made an effort to bring alternative fuel vehicles. Toyota showed off a brand new concept car, the Fine-Comfort Ride, a fuel cell vehicle made for a (future) low-carbon society. It uses hydrogen as an energy source to generate electric power. It emits no CO2 and can be refueled in about three minutes. Nissan showcased its new Leaf, featuring an e-pedal that allows the driver to push one button to drive, without having to move from accelerator to brake and back again.


On the truck front, Jeep brought its first redesign of the Wrangler in 11 years (see photo, page 3, above). Ram, recognizing that consumers are still crazy about SUVs, redesigned the Ram Truck’s aggressive front end to look more like a SUV.


The list of crossovers at the Washington Auto Show continues to grow. The all-new Hyundai Kona is designed to be a value leader in the segment. The Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave represented the domestics. Even Alfa Romeo has a crossover now, the Stelvio, the automaker’s first SUV.

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